Tabs in Joplin?

Every time I switch between notes of different notebooks. And every time I have chance to lost my ideas because my energy is spent on searching, not on ideas. Is there any chance to implementation the same function similar to the one implemented in all popular browsers?


Wouldn' t a multiple windows solution be more handy?


I agree the overview is a disaster in Joplin when you have many many notes.
Especially when many of the notebooks are opened and you have to scroll like a maniac or go search for your stuff etc...

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This is not a direct solution, but perhaps the closest workaround right now would be to use an external editor that supports multiple tab/windows.


The only workaround I've discovered for this is the "All Notes" section. If I'm updating notes, not just viewing them, then the notes I'm actively using tend to be on the first screen and easy to find.

That said this is a workaround. Having multiple tabs and windows available in the application would be much more usable. The main commercial competitors to this application all have a way to open a basic window that can be easily positioned on or over another application so you can take notes while interacting with another application. This common use case isn't easily addressed by Joplin currently.


This is the reason I installed the Joplin plugin in VS Code. Multi-tab/window support.


Yes, I too have had some context switching issues when writing in one note and wanting to reference something in another note. Though, I guess I had that issue in Evernote too when I used it for such things (I don't think they have tabs or the like either).

A way to just pop a note into its own window would be maybe a simpler solution?


If that includes single/dual-pane/WYSIWYG editors available in each window, it will be a good solution. Also, more flexible than only having tabs: you can see multiple notes at the same time, very handy.

I've opened several notes with external editor. Joplin gets confused. It's best to open a now joplin window for each note.

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No. I'm using Typora as external editor but

  • there no time stamps
  • I can't paste pictures from clipboard into internal Joplin storage -- very important feature for content and experience consistency
  • bad experience

I would very much love tabs in Joplin too.
On average I have about 3 or 4 documents I am working on at the same time. The switching isn't optimal.


Can multiple notes be "monitored" at the same time in an external editor? I was under the impression Joplin could only monitor changes to one note at any time.

Do any external editors support direct image pasting, other than the native WYSIWYG editor? (New to the product, just finding my feet)

I wrote a joplin plugin for vscode, you can try it

Can monitor and edit multiple notes at the same time

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Maybe we could have buttons that appear and show (and allow to click and go to) the last 5 or 10 notes you viewed ?

This way it's easy to toggle to the ones you recently viewed or edited, and come back.

Just my 2 cents.

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@1001bricks Nice idea