Feature request new window

Firstly, thanks to exist Joplin!
The request, it'd be nice to open a saved document/item in a new separate window with a toolbar.

welcome to the Joplin forum @1111Al !

are you looking for an option to open more than one note at the same time? have a look at the “note tabs” plugin:

By the way: It’s a good idea to check the plugin list, if you did not do that yet. there are lots of interesting options to extend functions in joplin:


Or visit the Joplin Plugins Discovery page which has all the plugins categorised and searchable.

I only mention it as I find it easier to browse than the new plugin / update forum post.


Good idea! I always forget, that we have something nice like that… :+1:

Thanks, I didn't know about this plugin. But I'm waiting for an update that will allow you to open each item in its own separate window.

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A very good idea !

Would you need editing or special case rendering (Mermaid diagrams, checkboxes, etc.) capabilities? If not, Joplin Sticky Notes should work.

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I'm surprised that page has dark mode detection before the forum does. That page should be more discoverable. How did you find it?

It's not linked to in the Plugins help page, Plugin List thread, or Joplin Plugin Repository Github page.

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Someone, probably one of the Joplin team, linked to it in a forum post a while back.