GSoC 2024 live blog


  1. Watch this topic, so that you stay up to date, we are not able to update you individually!

  2. Read Contributing to Joplin | Joplin and the entire GSoC Introduction , if you have specific questions you can ask them in Development

  3. Introduce yourself in GSoC - Joplin Forum and label the topic with gsoc-2024.
    Tell a about yourself:

    • what you're currently doing
    • what experience do you have to work on Joplin
    • What is your experience using Joplin
    • How do you ensure that any project you may work on will stay well maintained in the future
  4. Fix an issue and mention it in your introduction topic, a simple reply in the topic is enough.
    The [good first issue], [bug] and [high] labels can be good places to start. The [enhancement] label could be interesting too. Otherwise don't hesitate to filter the issues by the labels that might interest you, such as "desktop", or "clipper", or "tags", etc. On GitHub, click on the "Label" header to do so.

    Moreover, there are plug-ins from past GSoC seasons that welcome support:

    1. Issues · joplin/plugin-email
    2. Issues · joplin/plugin-kanban
    3. Issues · joplin/plugin-templates
    4. Issues · joplin/plugin-conflict-resolution
    5. Issues · joplin/plugin-collaboration
    6. Issues · joplin/plugin-bibtex

    If you work on an issue of a plug-in, involve the community in GSoC Projects - Joplin Forum

    Alternatively, you can do a features request or discuss existing ones in Features. If there is positive feedback, you can create a corresponding feature request and try to realize it by doing a PR

    Issues will not be assigned to anyone! Let the community know that you are working on a fix on GitHub (and maybe in the forum if there is a related discussion).

  5. Submit your fix in a nice and clean PR and do:

    • mentioned the issue in your introduction here in the forum
    • in your PR, add the link to your introduction in the forum
    • Mention @PackElend label me please on GitHub, so that I can track your PRs by adding the label gsoc-2024
      If the PR is too bad from the start, it will be closed and won’t accept more pull request from that student.
  6. Submit Proposal
    PM @PackElend as described in GSoC 2024 live blog - #5 by PackElend


  • If you're not familiar with something, you test it locally (in your fork) first.

  • You don’t say, it is not working and post merely the error message.
    You tell us the details about your development environment and your way to this point as well. Only this way, we can comprehend your journey in our’s mind’s eye to give the support you need.

  • If you need support, try to ask Google first, not for hours but it might be easily resolvable.

  • Then come back to the forum and ask for help. This way, you can say, I think I run into problem xy, I tried to solve it following xy but I need additional help. This gives a much better impression towards the community than just signalling SOS.

  • We can hardly give you a tight how-to-proceed here. At the end is up to you, when you want to ask the community (not a single person).

  • As all happens mainly written, there is no space for visual communication by mimic and gestic, so think before you interact with the community.

  • No worries at all, we are very open-minded and eager to help but sometimes it is just too much. At the end of the day, you are assessed by your actions.

  • If you work on an issue, you keep us updated. Running after people to ask how things are going is not fun. Drop us a little note in the forum (so the issue remains clean), so we know what is going on if you need to pause the work. That is no problem at all, as long as we are aware of it.

  • Keep in mind, what and how act here, tells a bit about yourself

  • Important: All the mentors in this project are doing this in their spare time, and this is a very busy project at the moment. They will get to your pull request eventually. Once you have mentioned @PackElend, you should not contact mentors via PM or @mention them to ask for review or feedback . Nagging contributors is, in fact, the surest way to make your pull request go down to the bottom of the pile!
    If you feel that you need to mention a Joplin team member, as there is an urgent reason to do so, you can mention @PackElend, they will respond as soon as possible.
    They will mention other team members when necessary, as they are quite occupied with taking care of the app in general and reviewing the PRs.

  • Important: here and on GitHub use mentions almost never, others are informed if you react to a post or quote their reply or just reply to a specific message. Excessive mentioning is not welcome and can drop your reputation.

  • Important: please do not reply to this topic, it is for mentors only, any post from non-mentors will be deleted without notification!

If you want to help us with mentoring projects, please write us in Mentors wanted for GSoC


Dear students,
please keep in mind that you have to tag, label (or ask that we do so, see OP) your work.
There is a risk that your work will not be followed in the many activities on and around the GSoC.

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Hello students,
18 March is not far away when you can submit your ideas and proposals.

We expect the following procedures and structure

  1. Introduction:

    1. Personal Introduction: Briefly introduce yourself, including your current activities and any relevant experience.
    2. Forum Profile: Include a link to your forum profile on the Joplin Forum.
    3. Forum Introduction: Reference your introduction post in the GSoC - Joplin Forum.
    4. GitHub Profile: Provide a link to your GitHub profile.
  2. Contributions:

    1. Issue and PR List: List the GitHub issues and pull requests (PRs) you have worked on.
    2. Community Interaction: Detail your interactions with the community in the Joplin Forum.
  3. Project Proposal:

    1. Joplin Usage: Describe how you use Joplin and any plugins you may utilize.
    2. Project Idea: Clearly articulate the idea you wish to work on.
    3. Solution Approach: Explain your proposed solution and how you plan to implement it.
    4. Maintenance Plan: Outline how the project will be maintained post-GSoC.
  4. Technical Details:

    1. Coding: Provide a detailed description of the programming aspects.
    2. Coding Snippets: Enrich it with code examples showcasing how it would be coded where necessary to show how you would interact with Joplin's codebase
    3. Programming Plan: Provide a detailed programming plan, including milestones and timelines.
    4. Libraries: List separately any libraries you will use for programming.
  5. Submission:

    1. AT FIRST Private Message (PM): Send your proposal as a PM to @PackElend on the Joplin Forum. The proposal must be submitted in text form and not simply as an attachment or link. We prefer to handle anything through the forum at the beginning.

      Please name the title of the message as this:GSoC Proposal for by

      Moreover, feel free to submit a pre-proposal, chapter 1 only, so that we know that you are working on it.
      We would like to avoid everything coming at once at the last minute, as this would allow us to ensure that the proposal is competitive.

    2. GSoC Platform: Upload your proposal to the GSoC platform and refine it based on feedback from private discussion.
      We won't review proposals during the application periods all are managed through the forum until we state otherwise in the private discussion.

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We generally do not assign issues. And if you can't find an issue to work on what difference is it going to make it we assign you one?

If you have any questions regarding the GSoC at Joplin, you can ask them in GSoC 2024 FAQ

FYI: The proposal must be submitted in text form and not simply as an attachment or link. We prefer to handle anything through the forum at the beginning.

@PackElend would like to propose an idea. Is this the right time to suggest it? Firstly, may I ask if you are currently using any automated testing tool/framework? If not, I could recommend one if this is the appropriate time. I have experience in testing and can provide all the necessary details. Thank you :slight_smile:

You should be able to find the answer by looking at the source code.

Dear Students,
when you send the Proposal as PM to @PackElend

Please name the title of the message as this:
GSoC Proposal for <idea> by <username>

Moreover, feel free to submit a pre-proposal, chapter 1 only, so that we know that you are working on it.
We would like to avoid everything coming at once at the last minute, as this would allow us to ensure that the proposal is competitive.


Dear students,
The deadline is close, so we suggest that you concentrate on updating the proposal and submit it to Google.

In our regions are public holidays so time is spent with family and friends. So be aware that out reachability is limited.
We try to answer questions but please don't count on them.

Good luck from the joplin team


Proposal Deadline
APRIL 02, 2024 8:00 PM CET
get your submittal to Google done!
good luck everyone