GSoC Introduction - jigar04 and own idea

Hey, my name is Jigar Desai. I am currently pursuing computer science engineering Third year from Ganpat University. I would like to work upon Joplin I know it’s quite late for this due to my exams just completed. I have my own idea the idea is to make a google action and a google chrome extension so we can tell notes or to-do list to google home(google action) and it will be synced with google action so users can see their notes and to-do list on google extension and also get notified. Here’s my experience in developing google actions I started making google actions from last 1 year and I have developed many google actions which are currently live on google acton store and I decided to start freelancing and I have done more than 15 projects with different features and requirements proposed by my Fiverr clients so This year I’d like to participate in GSOC2020 contributing to “google actions” I wish a great experience work with Joplin.@PackElend @bedwardly-down

welcome and great that you bring along your own ideas.
Looking forward :slight_smile:

Welcome. Pack beat me to it, but if some of those ideas aren’t already brought up, feel free to open a topic here so others can pitch in on it and check out Joplin’s issue tracker. Can’t wait to see what you bring. :wink:

I have my own idea, so what should i do next? @PackElend @bedwardly-down

If it’s a feature, open a new #features topic in the open forum (after making sure your specific feature doesn’t already have an open topic), if it’s a bug or Joplin is doing something unruly, open a #support topic. If it’s a straight GSoC proposal or something you’re unsure about, feel free to PM me and add @PackElend to it. Note, no project proposals will be fully applicable until at least one PR has been approved by the dev team. That’s a simple way to make sure you’re a good fit for GSoC with Joplin. We want you to succeed but if you’re not a good fit here, we want you to be able to participate elsewhere as early as able so you can still get experience.

How’s that for an answer? :wink:

hey just to be clear i have my own idea which is not a feature neither a bug the idea is to make a google action Joplin to-do list chat bot (with chrome extension integration) for google home,android,Ios platform so how can I pr it on git hub because its not yet developed? @PackElend @bedwardly-down

That’d be an #apps item then. Although, if you’re going that route, check out the incomplete Joplin Web Api that @foxmask has been working on and the official Joplin Api.

Alright thanks @bedwardly-down I will post my idea for gsoc2020 on #apps.

If it’s a GSoC proposal idea, PM both of us first. If it’s a general app, then post it there, please.

Sorry i dont know what do you mean by pm is it direct message @bedwardly-down ?

Direct message, yes. PM is Private Message. The reason for this is to prevent other students from stealing your project idea if it were to be selected in the end.

I already disclosed the idea over here in this discussion my bad haha @bedwardly-down

where is it uncomplet ?

@jigar04 could you reply here

okay sure