Mentors wanted for GSoC

Hi community,
do you feel like supporting us on the Google Summer of Code journey?

It could be anything, from talking to students about ideas or suggestions, testing features, giving coding help or even reviewing code.

Let us know if you want to help us, any help is appreciated.

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For those wanting more info on mentorship, check out the GSoC rules (see "6. Mentors.") and the GSoC Mentor Guide.


Hi PackElend,

I am an enthusiastic Joplin user and would like to contribute to the Joplin project in any way possible. While I may not be able to contribute financially, I am eager to dedicate any time in any way to the project.

I would appreciate it if you could consider me for contribution in the Google Summer of Code (GSoC), understanding that my coding knowledge is very limited, but I can contribute in other ways. I am a passionate advocate for open source, particularly from the Linux perspective.

I can offer assistance by testing or providing guidance from a user's point of view. Additionally, I am proficient in translating documents from English to Spanish, and vice versa, and can also assist Spanish-speaking participants if there is any as well.

Please let me know how I can contribute to Joplin or in the GSoC.


Hi Eduardo, thanks for your interest! So would you be interested in joining as a mentor for GSoC?

You don't have to know about programming as long as you can guide the student and keep in touch with them to make sure they are not blocked by any issue for example. You would also need to check they are on schedule for the various deadlines.

Any technical issue you can always ask on the mentor Discord channel so that's not a problem.

I am interested in contributing as a mentor. My only doubt is that it is challenging for me to estimate the number of hours that this task requires per week. Do you have any idea approximately how many hours are required?
On the other hand, I assume the difference between my time zone, (UTC-3), and the participants might complicate my availability o not.

if things go well only a few hours per week.
We expect that the student works quite independently, rather than asking if things go well and ensuring communication.
We can rely on the community that few folks are willing to test their prototypes and give feedback.

Timezone differences should not be that much of an issue.

Ok, take me into account for that.

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do you have a discord and GitHub account?
You can share them here or PM them to me

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My name is Akash Tayade, and I am reaching out to express my interest in participating in Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2024 with your esteemed organization. Having explored various open-source projects, I am particularly drawn to Joplin due to its innovative approach to note-taking and organization. One aspect that intrigues me greatly is the potential integration of OneNote functionality within Joplin. OneNote is a widely-used note-taking application, and integrating its features into Joplin could significantly enhance its usability and appeal to a broader audience. I believe this integration could bring a fresh perspective to Joplin and offer users a seamless experience across platforms.
Could you please provide insights on how I can start working towards integrating OneNote features into Joplin? Any guidance, resources, or pointers you can offer would be immensely appreciated.

Start here GitHub - joplin/gsoc: Joplin official Google Summer of Code 2024 repository

Akash, I've already moved your post to a separate topic the other day, because as you can clearly see you're not in the right place.

Please stop doing this and use the proper category for whatever question you might have.


I would like to offer my help as mentor for the GSoC 2024 project idea "OneNote importer". I don't have deep insights in the Joplin code base itself, but developed some projects using Joplin's data API in Python and Typescript. Mentoring this GSoC project would be probably a good match.

Please let me know if you are interested.

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Hi PackElend,

I would love to be a mentor during GSoC 2024, to be honest, I wanted to participate as a GSoC contributor to the organization but I cannot do that as it will collapse with my joining a full-time role at a company. Although I would still contribute as a normal contributor.

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Hi there,
thank you for your interest, let us prove it :slight_smile:

So far the interaction with the contributors for GSoC was (surprisingly) quite civilised, which means we could it handled with the current team.
18 Marc is not soon any more when we expect the proposal to rush in.
I'm going to pull you into the proposal review and we will see how it goes if you are ok with it (confirmation by liking is enough).


the first Proposal are arraving.
@Eduardo @Shivam164 let me know if your are still interested

Hi @PackElend,

I would love to be a mentor.

@Marph, just to let you know I have now added you to the mentor group. At the moment we don't know exactly how many mentors we need because it will depend on how many students can participate but we'll let you know. Thank you for your interest!

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Hi @PackElend
Count with me.