GSoC 2024 FAQ

If you have any questions regarding the GSoC at Joplin, you can ask them here.

I would just like to confirm if the template insertion tool idea is active, I found a comment from Laurent saying its not supposed to be there:

Hello @criticic,
yes, that idea was removed, unfortunately, we removed it at the wrong place.
It is now removed from gsoc/ at main · joplin/gsoc · GitHub

We have to apologise, the idea is still valid and is going to be added again.

Hi folks i would love to contribute to the joplin mobile app(in react native) by adding rich editor to the code but really having a little longer time understanding the code base also to consult a mentor for that project idea whom should i contact?

I would be happy to help!

Here's some information about how the current editor works.

The current note editor runs within a WebView. This WebView is managed by NoteEditor.tsx. The packages/editor folder contains most of the code that runs inside the WebView.

The NoteEditor is currently shown within the note screen (see Note.tsx). The Note.tsx gives the NoteEditor its initial content and schedules saving the content of the editor. Note.tsx is also responsible for showing the camera, rendered markdown, and drawing screens. (It's getting very long and may need to be refactored at some point).

Hi, I had a quick question. For projects that have no assigned mentors, who should I get in touch with to discuss the idea and review a draft proposal?

simply continue to fill the PM you sent me, with the information given in GSoC 2024 live blog - #5 by PackElend

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Thanks for the quick reply. Just one more question, can I send a separate draft/proposal for another idea I am interested in?

Yes this is fine, you can send up to three proposals. Sending at least two is a good idea in case one doesn't quite work

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please one PM per proposal

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Currently Joplin using TinyMCE as Text editor on mobile which is only Markdown supported.
I checked on TinyMCE official doc and I found that "TinyMCE for touch-enabled and mobile devices" does not provide options like 'inline editing', 'resizing' etc.

I am looking to integrate Joplin mobile app with other react native rich text editor like react-native-pell-rich-editor.
This will make the Joplin mobile app user friendly and bring more users to the app.

As there's no mentor assigned for this project whom should I discuss with?

mentors will be assigned after proposal review

To maintain consistency of Joplin, integrating the same text editor which has been used in desktop application is required for the react native mobile application.
So i think you should work on making a similar rich text editor, after all its markdown under the hood as mentioned in the docs.

reading this would be beneficial for you!

HI Team
I have completed my proposal for the project : Seamless Desktop application Updates
can you please let me know, who can review that and give me feedback before submitting it.

what is missing in the information given in GSoC 2024 live blog - #5 by PackElend ?