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Student application period has begun

Deat students,
as you all properly know the student application period begun on March 29 18:00 UTC.

If you have a proper proposal you can send me a PM with the draft, I will extend it to the others.
Make sure that it also lists your work done on Joplin so far as well.
General question if this or that can be an idea shall still being asked in the public forum as otherwise the amount of PMs cannot be handled anymore.

Be sure that your coding skills are well reflected in your proposal. A clean and neat pul request would support that.

It is suggested that you might want to submit another pull request as that will help your application.


Is it a must to mention our contribution to Joplin? I've not contributed before to Joplin but I've some contribution to other organizations and open source projects. Can I mention that?

yes if it helps your application, it would tell that you able to collaborate with the community but programming language could be different

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but it is expected that you do some contribution to Joplin otherwise we cannot assess your skills with respect to Joplin's codebase

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Are we allowed to submit more than one proposal?

Please take a look at the GSoC Guide for Joplin


since gsoc website can also be used to share proposal-draft's link with Joplin ; what should be preferred private messaging here or sharing link through summerofcode website or both ?

share it as PM to talk about it.
share it on GSoC, so that it don't get forgotten there

Hello Sir, I want to work on Real-time collaboration on a note. This is the life changing opportunity for me. I have worked on a start up where we created a Educational platforn called Newra Education and I have created a chat application.

Hello sir. I want to contribute on Joplin. Can you please suggest me how to proceed ?

Hi @realme
If you would like to contribute as part of the GSoC program, it is unfortunately too late as the deadline to apply was last week.

If you're still interested, you can checkout the Joplin build doc for help setting up the environment. From there you can look for issues on the GitHub page that have been tagged "good first issue" or "medium" or "high".

If you have any issues, please search on the forum first and then make a post asking for help. Good luck!

what else can we do in the time period of proposal review ??

I think Google suggests getting involved in the community, answering on the forum, etc.

i was just trying to be active in forum.

Hi students,
only a week to go until we know who is going with Joplin this season.
We are fully aware that you properly don't put all your hopes on one horse. Still keep in mind that continuous activity has an impact on your application.