Introducing criticic

Hello Everyone,

I am Sagnik Mandal, I am a student of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) (BHU), Varanasi. I have contributed to open source in one way or the other since the last 3 years. Mostly I work with Javascript and Python, but I have worked with some other languages as well like Kotlin & Dart.

There were some project ideas which interested me, mainly "Seamless desktop application updates" & "Create a standalone sync API". I believe I have the suitable skill & experience for those, and would be able to learn things in the way if I dont know something.

I look forward to contributing to Joplin, and help making Joplin the best note taking app (FOSS or otherwise)
You can take a look at my GitHub profile with the same username to check out my contributions.


I made my first PR here: Desktop: Fixes #9985: Filter Sync Target Info Logs by criticic · Pull Request #10014 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

I am sorry for closing & reopening the PR as I had misread the guidelines.

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Joplin's Monorepo structure is somewhat new for me, can someone point me to Contributor guidelines, or any suggestions/resources related to working with a mono repo.
I am currently using VSCode, are there any extensions I should use?

The topic GSoC 2024 live blog has most of the links you'll need. Check out this link for instructions on how to build and run each app in the monorepo: joplin/readme/dev/ at dev · laurent22/joplin · GitHub.
Don't forget to use the yarn watch command to automatically rebuild the TypeScript files you have changed. :smile:


can someone take a look at the following changes:

This fixes Desktop: Beta editor: Toggle comment command does nothing · Issue #10007 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

is a unit test required here, as its a very small bug fix?

This fixes two (Delete & Comment), while two others (Delete & Sort Selected Lines) would probably require custom commands, which I plan on doing in another PR, if approved.

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I added some tests, and made a PR: Desktop: Fixes #10007: Fixed Toggle Comment & Delete Line Options in Beta Editor by criticic · Pull Request #10016 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

I was rereading through the ideas list and the following ideas interested me:

  1. Seamless desktop application updates
  2. Template insertion tool
  3. OneNote importer
  4. Review process for plugins
  5. Create a standalone sync API
  6. Joplin for wearable devices
  7. Integrate Joplin with voice assistants

will prolly narrow down this list in the coming days, one thing I'd like to ask is if I can have two proposals in the same org, and if it is advised to just focus on one?

I had some work over the last few days, so didnt contribute much, but wold mention that two of my PRs got merged:

I would continue working on more PRs in the coming days.

To answer your question, you can only have one proposal per org, however besides your main proposal we suggest considering a "backup" project idea in case there's something wrong with the first one.