GSoC 2024 live blog

Hello students,
18 March is not far away when you can submit your ideas and proposals.

We expect the following procedures and structure

  1. Introduction:

    1. Personal Introduction: Briefly introduce yourself, including your current activities and any relevant experience.
    2. Forum Profile: Include a link to your forum profile on the Joplin Forum.
    3. Forum Introduction: Reference your introduction post in the GSoC - Joplin Forum.
    4. GitHub Profile: Provide a link to your GitHub profile.
  2. Contributions:

    1. Issue and PR List: List the GitHub issues and pull requests (PRs) you have worked on.
    2. Community Interaction: Detail your interactions with the community in the Joplin Forum.
  3. Project Proposal:

    1. Joplin Usage: Describe how you use Joplin and any plugins you may utilize.
    2. Project Idea: Clearly articulate the idea you wish to work on.
    3. Solution Approach: Explain your proposed solution and how you plan to implement it.
    4. Maintenance Plan: Outline how the project will be maintained post-GSoC.
  4. Technical Details:

    1. Coding: Provide a detailed description of the programming aspects.
    2. Coding Snippets: Enrich it with code examples showcasing how it would be coded where necessary to show how you would interact with Joplin's codebase
    3. Programming Plan: Provide a detailed programming plan, including milestones and timelines.
    4. Libraries: List separately any libraries you will use for programming.
  5. Submission:

    1. AT FIRST Private Message (PM): Send your proposal as a PM to @PackElend on the Joplin Forum. The proposal must be submitted in text form and not simply as an attachment or link. We prefer to handle anything through the forum at the beginning.

      Please name the title of the message as this:GSoC Proposal for by

      Moreover, feel free to submit a pre-proposal, chapter 1 only, so that we know that you are working on it.
      We would like to avoid everything coming at once at the last minute, as this would allow us to ensure that the proposal is competitive.

    2. GSoC Platform: Upload your proposal to the GSoC platform and refine it based on feedback from private discussion.
      We won't review proposals during the application periods all are managed through the forum until we state otherwise in the private discussion.

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