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i found: this

however the base request was never answered

I often dont want a seperate Note for just a few lines of Website content

I really like the feature of OneNote to extract the Metadata form the Clipboard directly, without the need of any web clipper. This woud greatly improve my workflow as i often want to insert a samll website abstract in an existing not.

Would it be possible to include this feature as native or plugin?

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Hello there and welcome to the forum!

If you're on Firefox there's a nice add-on allowing to save a selected text, URL and the page name in the clipboard. All in one click.

I don't use Chrome but I imagine there should be similar extensions to copy page content in markdown markup as well.

P.S. If you like the add-on consider supporting the author with a review, putting a star on his repo, etc


And jet another post, with an alternativ sulution :slight_smile:

That's a really handy Firefox extension to use with Joplin if you don't want to clip a selection into a whole note. The options for the extension are quite extensive as well. I have used it several times already and I have only just installed it! Thanks for posting.

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Is there a place where we collect third party tools like this? Because it really should have this on the list.

Now you made me curios. I am wondering if there is an windows level program that does the same thing, but everywhere. For example when I copy something from word, excel or a pdf?

That would be a huge help, however I couldn't find one jet.

Even though I sympathize with the use case, the complexity of this problem has to require fairly complex solution as well. In the end, having achieved it, the output might disappoint you.

The main reason for that: saving name of application and file opened in the application is tricky, inconsistent, depends on many changing factors or just not possible at all. For example if we save the path to Excel document to Joplin note, sync it to another device (or even change location of the original file) - the link will break. There's no good workaround for this: you either package the file with the note or risk breaking the link.

Moreover, achieving this "bad" but consistent solution would rely heavily on the OS, making this niche tool to be even more niche.

The better approach to link to documents imo is citations (zotero, bibtex, etc). However, as you might imagine, it requires mostly public documents for citation in the first place. In the end, it's pretty manual compared to browser one click solution suggested above.

Pointers to other not so elegant solution

If you're still here and want to try to make your life harder :wink:, I suggest to start with an advanced text expander (such as espanso and phrase express). It can automate copying window, process name, some of the meta data of opened file from task manager or format the path / necessary meta data from file manager into pasteable markdown block.

Please note that even if you will jump through all the hoops in many cases the output will be most likely inconsistent.

I guess this is not worth the effort ...

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