WebClipper copy to clipboard option

Don't know whether there would be enough interest in this, but doing some research on a topic, I'm finding that I'm often copying text from a site, then reformatting correctly in the markdown section on a note. A bulleted list for example, pasted into the markdown pane - has line spacing, and no listing formatting. So I have to reformat it as a list, then delete the extra lines.

I know this could be avoided by simply copying the text, and using the Clip Selection option on the browser plugin and copying the text from the note, then deleting the note. This is quite a few steps I can't be bothered with really, so I just do the reformatting manually.

How about a 'Copy Selection to Clipboard' function on the webclipper? This would mean I can copy and paste selections of text into notes directly without having to worry about the extra steps of creating and deleting notes. I'd have thought most of this functionality is already built into the webclipper...


I don't think that would be possible. For a simple case like you described it might work, but for example if there are images in the selection, how to put them in clipboard? Additionally, the clipper is intentionally kept as simple as possible (because it's hard to update it and release it), and it's the app that does the heavy processing of converting HTML to Markdown, importing the images, etc.

Perhaps a better way would be a "Paste special" function in Joplin, which would allow pasting HTML-formatted code, and convert it to Markdown. This has been discussed a few times in the forum, and I think it will be added eventually.

Thanks for the reply @laurent, this answer makes total sense. Well, +1 for special paste then!

This is a great idea! I compose many notes taking small pieces of html formatted text from different sources, and adding my comments.

Up to now I have to do a dozen of actions for each piece of text I copy from a html page: select the text, view the selection source, and paste the selected html into html->markdown converter https://domchristie.github.io/turndown/, and then paste markdown from there to the note I am editing. By the way, this turndown toll is written in JS and probably could be used in Joplin?

If Joplin WebClipper will have the option "Copy selected text (without images)" to clipboard - that would be awesome!

A possible solution would be to have a separate non-WebClipper Firefox plugin that copy selected text as HTML, and a button or a shortcut in Joplin that takes html from clipboard, convert it to markdown and paste at the cursor position.