Combine Clip selection and URL in a new web clipper option

Although Joplin by far is better than the rest of the notes app, I miss from MS OneNote the simple feature to clip from the web a small paragraph and at the same time paste the website link. I have read from the forum this Web Clipper - optionally embed URL of clipped page or a similar feature has already been requested multiple times. Reading the forum, I assume or understand this was discarded because the URL is recorded at note's property as metadata, and this is enough if you add one or more clips from the same website but It is not useful when you need to keep several notes from different website in the Note.

Does anybody else think this kind of feature is still need to request? Or there are any other alternative to cover this need?

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Is this could help you ?
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Hi, Thank you. I have seen it. Again this is useful for copy from only one website, but not when you do several capture from different URL. That why I am asking for a solution that is used by OneNotes. I think for example in a new button "Clip selection & URL" in a Joplin's Webclipper beside the current "Clip selection" and "Clip URL".


Hi @Eduardo

To make sure I understand you. Want to be able to capture excerpts from different sites and have them all in one note?

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Its a pretty useful feature of onenote - all you have to is copy something to clipboard from a website and paste it into your note and it will give you a little footer showing exactly where that snippet was taken from. It isn't a feature of the onenote webclipper which works in much the same way as Joplin - i.e. select from website and create a new note from it - instead it is using the SourceURL embedded in the clipboard data to paste a link below the text - it is set with the following option:

Raw clipboard data:

<!--StartFragment--><div role="heading" aria-level="2" class="topic-meta-data" style="display: flex; ......same website but It is not useful when you need to keep several notes from different website in the Note.</p></div></div><!--EndFragment-->

Which allows you to post multiple "sources" into the same note.

So if this functionality was to be inluded I'm gessing it would need to be one of the below:

  • Joplin emulates this practice by reading the SourceURL from the clipboard data and embeds it below the pasted text as an option
  • Joplin WebClipper has a new option to insert data into an existing note from selection (or currently selected note)
  • Joplin WebClipper has a new option to copy clipped data to the clipboard as markdown with an inclusion of this source URL tag with it
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Hi @Daeraxa

Thanks for the clarification.

I'm more in favor of this option.

For this kind of thing, I use the MarkDowload tool (an extension) which is configurable. All citations or saved pages are downloaded to an "inbox-scrapbook" folder which is itself automatically imported into Joplin using the hotfolder plugin. But a native option would be useful.

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Hi @Daeraxa, you got my point. @bepolymathe thanks for the alternative, I will add MarkDowload to my browser and install hotfolder plugin and check this process instead of using a manual copy & paste URL from firefox's bar to Joplin notes. Should I add this webclipper feature requirement in somewhere, just in case somebody wants to develop it?

@bepolymathe I installed MarkDowload, it is a very good tools But unfortunately I could not set up a hotfolder because after installed a plugin Joplin does not show the plugin
even after close and open Joplin several times and checking the plugin was installed in Joplin plugin folder and in joplin plugin list

Is this a plugin bug?

Joplin 2.4.6 (prod, linux)
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 39
Keychain Supported: No
Revision: 4b93664

Let me guess. You are using Windows. :wink:

How do I restart Joplin on Windows (so that certain changes take effect)


:thinking: strange. In your screenshot we can't see the letter H. There is nothing for hotfolder right?

Right, sorry I thought that I had captured the H as well.Hotfolder3

You definitely don't have minimise to tray or anything enabled do you? When you close Joplin can you check if the process has actually stopped? I just tried it on the latest pre-release on Windows and it is fine there.

It seems Joplin closed well, and the process did not stop, but finally, after closing and open several times, I tried deleting local data and re-downloaded from sync target, and magically hotfolder icon was found in option to be able to set up "hotfolder path" and "notebook name".
Then testing it, confirming that it is a good way to gather excerpts/notes from different websites to include in one Joplin note, meanwhile, a new option will come up in Joplin web clipper, for copying data with an inclusion of this source URL. Thanks for your support.

Glad that it is now working.

Just to make sure we aren't setting expectations too high, this isn't something that is currently going to happen.
It depends either on community support for it and/or for somebody to actually pick this up for development. All we have done in this thread is demonstrate the functionality and potential ways that it could be achieved within the application.


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