Web Clipper: save original web link as reference

Hello everybody.
I think it would be nice if, when I save a web page (or part of it) with the web clipper, a link to the saved page would be added at the end of the page or selection, something like:

[web page or clip saved]
( from: [title page](http://origin.web.link))

I do this, every time, by hand. :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Joplin saves the clipped page reference in the note properties.

There is a Firefox extension that has been mentioned by @graphit0 on this forum, "Copy Selection as Markdown".

This lets you copy and paste a selection from a page into a note and includes a source link to that note when the text is pasted.

I agree with the op that it makes sense to have this as an option. Especially since when you export a note that data won't necessarily go with it.

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I often share my notes in PDF.