Add URL to any note added with Clipper

Hi Community,

I saw some posts talking about the same topic (i.e. Web Clipper: Clip URL to existing note?) but it seems none of them have received a positive answer, so I try again.

What I'd like is an additional setting for the Web Clipper that would allow, whichever format is selected (simplified page, complete page, etc.) to add the original URL into the note (i.e. first line URL = [URL]). I don't think it's much work, so I expect it will soon be available!

Thanks for this great product!

The clipper currently adds a clickable URL to the note properties. Is that of use?

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Seems I should cover my head with ashes and hope I'll not be banned from the forum... :grin:
This is definitely of use, and I just totally forgot it was there!

Thanks for helping a dumb user! :+1:

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It's already nice that the notes have a link to the original ressource, but I'd prefer to have it added as a markdown link in the note itself.