Useful browser extension to copy links with title in markdown format (and image links)

Hi, thought this could be useful for others as well. It can copy links like [title](url) and image links like ![](image-link)

See here: Copy as Markdown – Get this Extension for :fox_face: Firefox (en-US) and source code with other browser links here: yorkxin/copy-as-markdown: Copying Link, Image and Tab(s) as Markdown Much Easier. It can also copy all/selected tabs' link but asks for additional permission to Access browser tabs.

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Thanks for sharing! I linked a similar one a while ago and although I'm surprised that this can't copy selected text as a quote and the link (hope it will be added in the future), I'm glad it is trying to bring cross browser experience.

For the sake of linking:


I haven't seen this thank you!! This is more extensive. I sometimes want to add some of the page content to an existent note and this is perfect for that. One little difference though, when an image is also a link, it doesn't give an option to copy as image with the ![]() syntax or just copy the url like Copy as md. Maybe I'll keep it both.

Thanks for sharing! I would not have thought about such an extension in FF. I use the webclipper a lot and I wish it would include the url into the not body. So „Copy as Markdown“ and „Copy Selection as Markdown“: Clipboard Paste with Source Reference in Line - #2 by graphit0 make things easier. :slight_smile:

I use FoxyTab on Firefox. It has a custom copy function which I use for copying the title an url of a page
[{title}]({url}) to paste into a Joplin note.
But your suggestions sound interesting as well!

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