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Are URL links on the roadmap?

Hi, I’m new to Joplin and excited about its possibilities (as a writer and speaker I do also use Evernote and Agenda and Noteplan for different areas, as well as Scrivener of course).

I particularly appreciate Joplin being multi-platform as I use Mac, iOS and Windows at different times.

To keep track of different bits of projects, I rely on links to track progress (I keep them together in Things). I would greatly appreciate consideration of x-callback-URL or similar to provide access to a Joplin note from another application. And vice versa. Thanks for listening!

Congratulations on some real quality development and interface design.

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What do you mean by x-callback-URL?

If you are talking about a Joplin handler, I’m all for it. Internal links are denoted by something like this: :/b3270a18733a4455af4d283dbe99b5fd

So the applications could register a handler e.g. joplin so that a link like joplin://b3270a18733a4455af4d283dbe99b5fd would open the note in Joplin. I’m not sure how hard this is to implement, but it sure would be a great feature.

In evernote I could copy the note link to a external application like Google Sheets, and open the note directly from the spreadsheet. This is very useful for project planning: I could schedule my projects on a spreadsheet, and go into the details when clicking on the note link.

I use Joplin’s E2E encryption feature to protect my notes, and right now I’m stuck with evernote because of the URL link feature. +1 for this feature to be implemented in joplin!

A suggestion is, it may be better to use joplin://notes/b3270a18733a4455af4d283dbe99b5fd instead of joplin://b3270a18733a4455af4d283dbe99b5fd, because that leaves room for future extensions

I like the idea of deep links and the suggestion to use a keyword as in joplin://notes/b3270a18733a4455af4d283dbe99b5fd

Well, I guess now we only have to wait until somebody implements this.

Indeed Joplin is outstanding.

I came from Agenda app and used the x-callback-url support to open specific notebooks or notes and to create new notes. With Alfred app and the web searches it look something like this:
shortcut for ‘log’ : agenda://x-callback-url/create-note?project-title=%E2%91%A0%20Daily%20log&title={query}&text=

I then just had to type ‘log My new quick note for today etc.’ to create a new note.

It’s very convenient, but I know thay x-callback support has to be implemented by someone :wink:

UPDATE: Holy crap! I just realized the original post was from September 2018. Ugh. Oh well… here was my response…

@greiggy – Unrelated to your RFE.
I am a writer as well. In fact, my novel is being developed on Joplin (I also use Trello for planning, beats management, and such).

Since you are using Scrivener, have you looked at Manuskript? I have played with it a bit, but . . . too many knobs for me. :slight_smile: I will explore it further another time. But it may be something someone like you would be interested in. I’d love to get a Scrivener user’s thoughts on it: http://www.theologeek.ch/manuskript/

Joplin users, if you are a writer, check out Manuskript. It’s a different use case from Joplin. It’s all about managing book development scene by scene, character by character. Etc. I do some things in Joplin similarly. Each character has their own note, etc. But I am a bit more old-fashioned.

Anyway… this was a significant digression from the poster’s point. Heh. Apologies.