Anybody Alfredapp expert here? Wish there was an Alfred plugin for Joplin for search

I know there is a plugin but that's to work with a specific note open in Joplin.

What I am looking for is to be able to search Joplin notes in Alfred and click open then in Joplin.

Something like this available with Obsidian plugin for Alfred.

here was the only instance of anybody mentioned Alfred in this forum:

Are URL links on the roadmap? - #15 by beet?

Okay I found another plugin that is supposed to do search but it doesn't work for me, it seems it doesn't detect the database..

And found another one

The download link is broken but can go to the repository and download the alfred-joplin.alfredworkflow file

The issue is neither of these work for me. Here is what I tried:

generated token

I also tried this: