Possibility to generate links for Notes that could be opened externally

This would allow a third party application to store links to a specific note, notebook or tag.

For example, when I use a task management app, I could link a particular Task to one or several Notes in Joplin.


This has been suggested several times already.

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Maybe someone picks this up for GSoC. I would really love to see this happening.

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Just tried to implement a joplin:// uri and handler like github is implementing it in it’s electron app but it’s way to difficult for me.

For the time being I’m writing a helper which registers the joplin:// URI and brings up the information via the REST API.


This is a good candidate for the Apps category. I'm sure others will benefit from it.

Is it available for use?

hi, everyone...^^

I'm new to Joplin and using it.
I've been using Evernote for a while, but now I'm going to stop using Evernote and use Joplin as my main note program.
I have doubts.
I need to connect a Joplin note to an external program, but the external link (x-callback-url) of the Joplin note does not work.

ex) If I save Joplin external link in dynalist and run it, it works normally in the pc version, but the link itself does not run in the smartphone (Android 10).
I would like to know what the problem is and if there is a solution.

Callback links are only supported on desktop at the moment.

Oh, right. thank you for your answer.
By the way, I wonder if the reason that it only works on the pc version is intentionally made to only work on the pc version. And I'd like to know if there are any plans to develop it to work the same in the Android version in the future. There is a recently developed note program called upnote, and I tried the same operation, and it works very neatly. In other words, if I enter and run the upnote external link in the Android version dynalist, the related note is immediately opened and executed on Android. Looking at this, I am curious because it seems that there is no problem in implementing the function.

It's not that I intentionally didn't implement this for iOS/Android. This code is platform-specific so a common implementation is just not possible. I did what I could for desktop. For Android there's an open PR that adds this feature (along with others): https://github.com/laurent22/joplin/pull/5571

Thanks...for reply... and, Joplin installation program is in use. Thank you for making a good program. By the way, there are questions while using it, and there is something I want to ask. Well, I want to change the location of the data path, but I don't know how. I'll thank you if you let me know. The default path, as you know, is C:user.configjoplin-desktop and I want to move it to another drive. Of course, I want to sync the moved locations based on them.

If you want to move your profile then the best way is probably via symlinks otherwise you are looking at either using the (unsupported) --profile flag or using joplinportable which keeps its directory wherever the executable is run.

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Thanks. .

So... any idea if this is/will/can be made to work with the Windows client?

Actually I believe that I would need the feature. I am using a mapping system Locus Map to display locally on Android on a map my POI that are stored on Joplin. When I arrive in a place I look at the map and get the POI around, click on it and see the title of a note. I would like to have a url or something I can click to get to the note.
I have a small python script on my Mac that actually export all my POI notes as gpx and extract title, lat, long. I then import in Locus the gpx.
On Evernote I used to be and a link like evernote:///view/note book id/note id.
Is the a way to do this today? Or would I need the above feature?