Can we open a note from a link?

Hello there,

I am buliding a custom desktop tool that aggregates tasks from various sources. One of those sources is Joplin, from where I collect all "todo"s. The tool does the job but I would like to create links to open the source.

So In my tool, I have a link to open a Joplin app URL: joplin://notes/ID_OF_THE_NOTE and it opens Joplin. However, it does not open the right note.

My question is:
Does Joplin support "complex" app URLs that will be used to open a note or, better, a note at a given line ?


I'm not sure about anchor links but the x-callback URL should absolutely be taking you to the correct note. The one (known) exception is macOS where if Joplin is closed then the link will only open the app but once open it will take you to the correct note.

Indeed, the "External URL links" does the job. It cannot center the view on a given line but that's not an issue, opening a note is good enough.

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