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Hi all,

I would like to share my project here: IAnyLink - GitHub - benlau/l: App Link to Universal Web Link

Although Joplin supports external app links, these links may not be recognized by other website services or applications. For example, if you paste the link in Notion, Google Keep, etc., it is not clickable, and you can't use it to open a local note in Joplin quickly.

IAnylink is a solution designed to solve this issue. It turns your app link into a regular web link, making it recognizable by other services / application.


  1. Copy the external link of your note in Joplin.
  2. Open IAnyLink
  3. Paste the link here.
  4. Press "Copy" to get the web link to your clipboard.

For example:

Screenshot 2023-11-01 at 1.00.57 AM

Then you can put it on any other site or app to click and open the Joplin note.

It is not limited to Joplin app link only. You may use it to create cross-links between different applications.

My use-cases:

  1. Opening a VSCode project from Joplin
  2. Opening a Joplin note from Google Keep (I am keeping my mood board in Google Keep).

This project is still in the prototype stage. Please let me know if you like the service (or simply give it a "like" :slight_smile: ).

  • It is running on my GitHub page. The domain name is not ideal, I may purchase a better domain if there is enough demand.

  • I may develop a Joplin plugin to copy the weblink directly if there is enough demand.


Nice. I will try this as it could make external Joplin links (in different programs) easily accessible.

I tried and it works (Linux Mint, Firefox, Joplin).
If I understand you correctly, you can also prepare a plugin? This would be even better - because users can skip a step in the browser and have higher privacy.


It is glad to hear that.

About the plugin, I have developed a prototype. It is under testing and need to write a few words and capture the screenshot before release.


The plugin released!


  1. Open "Joplin" -> "Settings" -> "Plugin"
  2. Search "Copy Universal Web Linkt"
  3. Press "Install"


  1. Copy the universal web link of your note via the note list context menu.

Remarks: You may enable other web link types in the setting page.

  1. Copy all kinds of universal web links via the tool menu.


Maybe you should write something about privacy. My friend's first two questions were: "Is this safe? What information can the website get about me?"


A good question. I am not familiar with the official way to declare the privacy data collection policy... Let me try to explain in a few words and see if it can make you feel safe.

Basically, I only interested in the no. of user and where they come from but not everything that could track an individual user

The converted universal web link simply stores the original link in a format that can be recognized by most applications. The converter software I wrote won't add any user tracking code to the converted link. I will publish the source code on GitHub for inspection.

The Joplin plugin won't track users at all and won't add any tracking information to the converted link.

The IAnyLink service site (IAnyLink) currently does not track anything. But I would like to add a GTM to count the number of users and where they come from.

Security - Deep link attack:

The general security practice for an application to support a deep link forbids creating/updating/deleting any data via the deep link. Joplin follows the rules and only allows opening a note/folder/tag only, making it safe to use.

However, not all applications follow the practice. For those kinds of applications, I would suggest not enabling the "auto-open" feature to prevent potential deep link attacks.


I appreciate your work and explanation.
I'm sure publishing the source code will be an important step forward. As I said, when I told my friend about the plugin, he asked me if your website could get his text in notes.

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The privacy policy

The source code

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