What features did you like in 2023 and what do you want to see in 2024?

Let's take a casual survey to recap 2023 and informs what features we should prioritise in the coming year!

Please let us know what stood out as your top Joplin features in 2023, and which feature you're hoping to see in 2024? Share your thoughts below and Happy New Year!


The most significant and outstanding feature this year was, without a doubt, the introduction of pen support. Therefore, the sole purpose of 2024 should not involve the introduction of new features. Instead, the focus should be on organizing and enhancing existing features while prioritizing improvements to the user interface (UI). Making significant UI improvements should be the primary goal. The aim is to transform it from an interface that may appear outdated and neglected into fresh, user-friendly software capable of releasing new features, adapting to users' needs, encouraging newcomers, being a valuable tool for students at universities, and earning people's trust in the cloud subscription service. For more information on this UI improvement initiative, please visit: Desktop UI review

In 2024, it is also essential to prioritize the enhancement of the UI for the mobile app, as it is vital for many users and plays a crucial role in their decision to subscribe to the cloud service.

I would also like to suggest expanding the web capabilities of the cloud platform to facilitate easier sharing and editing processes.

Specifically, when mentioning this initiative (An Innovative Approach to Joplin's Viewers and Editors: Tailored for Every User), it's important to note that most of the disappointment among users arises from the viewers and editors within the app. Users anticipate something extraordinary but often encounter something rather underwhelming. And as already said I am able to work on it starting around march.


For me the main outstanding issue that has been around for a long time now and, whilst I've learnt to work around it, I'd really like to see it solved - Heirachical tags i.e. the ability to nest or otherwise categorise tags so that you can use it as an alternative to the notebook categorisation. It is one of the oldest feature requests, remains a common and active topic (including offers - no comment on reliability or sincerity - for a bounty) and I know it was once implemented and reverted for various reasons.

In terms of my favourite feature I would probably say the new API for the note list styling, I'd love to see that level of UI customisation in other places like the notebook list.


Thank you for all the improvements that have taken place throughout the whole year 2023. When it comes to future developments, I believe that background sync would make the mobile app much more reliable, and a WYSIWYG editor would make it more accessible and much easier to use, especially by non-technical people.


+1 for "Heirachical tags i.e. the ability to nest or otherwise categorise tags so that you can use it as an alternative to the notebook categorisation."


Thank you for your excellent work on Joplin.
There are some things I would like to see in the future:

  1. Better UI - we discussed it here.
  2. Simplier searching. Besides that, the search results are not highlighted in some cases, so it is very annoying to search.
  3. WYSIWYG editor is sometimes a little buggy.
  4. Simplier linking note feature with support for anchors.
  5. Reminders.

Thanks for the feedback @Wladefant, improving the UI in particular on mobile has been high priority throughout 2023 and will still be so in 2024. Next thing I'd like to improve the is the sidebar.

@Daeraxa, yes given the disaster that was that pull request I never went back to it. I gets the feeling it would be a massive change that might end up breaking a lot of things, from the apps, to the clipper to third-party plugins. Maybe we should still see if there's an "easy" way to add this though, some clever trick that would add this without making massive changes to the codebase.

It's still in our mind and hopefully we can support this some day.

How would a simpler search feature look like? Do you have examples of apps that do that well?


The new note list preview API/plugin has been my favourite new feature in 2023.

For 2024 I would love to see:

  • Improved UI, especially on mobile (the macOS theme plugin is great)
  • background sync on mobile
    Improved web clipping on mobile (e.g. clip websites to markdown)
  • add note list preview to core app and mobile app

For, it was all around the improvement s to the mobile app. Stability is key for me.

Have a big request though: server side OCR (I'm self-hosting). This would be a huge advantage for those of us that have a lot of .PDF attachments.

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OCR will be in the next pre-release but for now it will be offline only. The system is pluggable though, so depending on feedback we'll probably open it to allow creating drivers for other OCR systems including online ones.


Thanks BTW for the sync speed improvements in 2.4.1? Its night and day faster...


+400 notes this year in my Joplin database, total 850! Getting older, hoarding disorder is not far off :crazy_face:

Not a regular here so can't judge about priorities and strategy, just wanna take the opportunity to mention some small minor desired features that come to mind right now.

  • Notebooks menu bar arrow-keys and "typing a name" navigation, folding-unfolding, ideally like in code editors.

  • More attention to WYSIWYG mode. Examples:

    • Double tap on the right side or the bottom side of the note – context menu won't appear because "there's no space" to the right and down from the tap coordinates.
    • Extended markdown breaks sometimes (**bold** and ==highlight==) from sync to sync
    • Three dot menu auto hiding after a click on a function button or changing a focus back to note.
  • More shortcuts for everything, first of all, WYSIWYG text editing, like cut a line, move line down, ==highlight==.

And I'd like to thank all the contributors and wish you a Happy New Year! :santa:


The biggest improvement for me is @CalebJohn's InlineTodo plugin. I realize this came out in 2022, but I only discovered it in 2023. It finally gave me an effective way to use Joplin as a todo manager - there's lots more that can be done to refine things on this front (some of which are probably not possible with the current API), but it was a game changer for me. I think a lot of people don't use Joplin as a todo manager, or have a relatively high maintenance manual approach to make it work as a todo manager. I think a note app is a natural place from which to manage todo's, so I hope we continue to see improvements in this regard.

I think the biggest pain point for the average user is probably the mobile app in terms of sync and editing. I don't need to use mobile that much, but every time I do, I am reminded of how much I preferred Evernote's mobile app (while the opposite is true of the desktop apps - Joplin + plugins blows away EN desktop). Background sync and easier editing would probably be huge for the average user.

Great app overall, and gets better every year.


I named the old profile that contains all the notes "2023-Notes"
I created a new profile that I will name "2024-notes"
This looks good to me when archiving and syncing.

Joplin is a very cool app after using Obsidian
I hope the import and export .jex feature works on Android systems, such as computers.

Can you explain more on this?

On desktop :
a focus of cleaning up keyboard commands, and keyboard shortcuts.
Best example : in many applications the esc key has a known, standard use. This can be a huge benefit for users who mainly focus on the keyboard (notes !) and for whom the mouse is just "a long detour".
Let me give you a few examples:

  • perform a "find" inside a note and punch esc when the dialog box is open - here it works
  • select preferences, and try esc - no luck

There are many other places like this AND this cannot be done with a keyboard short definition.
Bonne année / Happy New Year to you all.


The best in 2023

  • The free hand-drawing on mobile. I was using Noteful + Apple Pencil in iOS. And now I find that I use Joplin more often than Noteful in iOS now.

2024 Wish List

  1. Mobile - Support to open a Random note
  2. Mobile - Pressing back on viewing note should go to previous note instead of the note list
  3. Plugin System - Support to replace the editor (for supporting other document type)
  4. Plugin System - Support to set searching keywords and start the searching
  5. A better WYSIWYG editor
  6. Mobile - Edit a note should point cursor at beginning / end of the document instead of the middle position.
  7. Mobile - support deep/app link
  8. PDF/Image Annotation

Thank you so much for creating a wonderful app!
Features I'd like to see:

  1. Rich Text/WYSIWYG editor on mobile (I'm on Android)
  2. Transparent and working/functional proxy support for the Desktop app (I'm on Windows). The current proxy support doesn't work for me. Other Electron apps seem to be able to automatically detect the system proxy settings and the apps work without any manual configuration necessary.
  3. A built-in Light theme where the Sidebar has a light background (e.g. light grey?) with dark text. (See Standard Notes for example.)
  4. In addition to the current note sorting options, it would be great if each Notebook had an option to override the global sort order and apply a local sort order. (See how Standard Notes does this for example.)

Liked in 2023:

  • The balance between simplicity and features. Obsidian can do more, but there are tons of decisions to make and you easily reach decision fatigue and can lose days of your time in the customization.

  • The wonderful web clipper. It rivals those for Evernote and OneNote, and Obsidian doesn't even have an official clipper.

What I want to see in 2024:

  • Ability to paste rich content (including images) in the iOS editor.

  • Full featured web clipper on iOS, or a workaround through plugin. (Obsidian has a ReadItLater plugin that can fetch the content based on a URL in the clipboard.)

  • WYSIWYG table editing on iOS

  • Optimize the display of tags on both desktop and iOS: currently it's a single column list, which wastes space and requires a lot of scrolling. Perhaps all tags under one alphabet can be on the same line with wrapping (see Evernote, Apple Notes).

  • userstyle.css on iOS

  • Plugin support on iOS

  • Further optimization of synchronization on iOS

Thanks for your generosity to the user community and Happy New Year!