What a collection of ways to use Joplin!

Just to express my surprise at how many different ideas, wishes and reports people have about using Joplin:

There are many wishes to copy features available in other (for other reasons (lately) unloved) apps. Many people have needs that are new to me. And some contributions make me meditate on what 'note taking' might include...in conclusion: Wow!

[I did not want to take the above thread off topic, I think this is for the lounge :coffee:].


This is definitely something I have noticed over the years on the forum. So many times I find myself saying "You're doing what?"

I wonder if a note taking app isn't necessarily one of the most differently used types of apps in computing.

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When you think about it, note taking apps are analogues for paper (in the same way that paint is an analogue for a canvas etc), and given the sheer versatility of paper, I wouldn't be surprised of it was one of the most versatile app types!