What features did you like in 2023 and what do you want to see in 2024?

For you to stop it with the dislike against pCloud and code something that works with it instead of doing this.....

Besides the plugin API, I don't recall which features came when. I'm also excited for the drawing pen, though I haven't really tried it yet.

Most importantly, Joplin and its many plugins have been working really, really well for me. It fits my workflow, and the API allows me to work around any limitations I might encounter. To everyone who made it this way: thank you.

Also, happy 2024. :heart:


I use Joplin on mobile (android) a lot, and would like to see a more usable sidebar. For what it's worth, I would also hope to see export options (via plugins?) on mobile so that I can export my notes to PDF/epub formats without needing to use the desktop app.


This is a far-out wish. Be able to tell Alexa to make a note in Joplin and have that note appear in a pre-defined notebook. For all of those things that pop into my head while I am going about my business during the day.


This is great news. This the the main impediment I have to migrating away from Evernote. The OCR in Evernote has been great for me because I scan all my receipts and so my notes are very image heavy (and I have 30k Evernote notes). PDF OCR at scan time is not something I did and even now I'd rather not do it given the way it slows down the scanning process.

Offline OCR is great for me.

I see that the current development implementation uses Tesseract. I have found that Tesseract is not as good as the Apple Vision APIs so an option to use those APIs instead would be really great.

I'd also say that the process for adding keyboard commands is way, way to wonky for a non-tech user. There really ought to be a way to do it within the app from drop down option. I know it's easier said than done. Perhaps a Google Summer of Code project?

I don't know, but I doubt the devs have any personal dislike of any particular platform other than legit difficulties getting it to work. FOSS projects tend to like to make things interoperable, but at some point they may not have the resources to deal with the quirks of every system out there.

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What I would like to see most is a Deleted/Trash folder with an easy way to see and restore deleted items.


For those who can't remember which features came in 2023

there were 4 main releases 2.10-2.13

it's easier to track main features in the news section of website


I only started to use Joplin in early December when Evernote put limits on free usage and It was unlikely I could get management at my employer to agree to purchase a subscription.

Here are my three items I would like to see

  1. Ability to search tags
  2. sub tags
  3. searches to exclusive to one notebook


Searching tags and restricting a search to a specific notebook are already possible. Have a look at Searching on the website.

1 and 3 already exist.

And for partial match / filter as you type, use CTRL+P (or whatever the Mac equivalent is if on Mac), then perform the same search. And these tag or notebook searches can also be combined with keywords.



Although any improvements are always welcome, none in 2023 really stands out for me. That is not a criticism, it is only because for my particular needs Joplin (with a few plugins) is pretty much feature complete. I'm more than happy :smiley: (< see?)


From previous posts I appreciate that these may be difficult but...

  • A feature that I personally would really like would be nested tags.
  • A feature that I feel would benefit all users and is pretty much an expected feature in most software would be a Recycle Bin / Wastebin.



A couple of improvements to the mobile app (I'm on Android) would be very welcome:

  1. An option for Joplin to display the note you were last viewing upon opening the app. 90% of the time when I open the app I want to edit the last note I was looking at.
  2. When you press edit to edit a note, it currently jumps to the middle of the note somewhere regardless of where you were just viewing. When you press edit, it should allow you to edit in the location you were just viewing, or at the very least open editing at the very beginning of the note so you can at least know where you are in the note.

Thanks for all the work you do to make a great note taking platform!


I haven't had a chance to make use of it yet but the pen support feature is absolutely excellent from what I've seen, and the note list API is great!

One feature I would like to see is note backtracking in the app, so if I open one note and click a link to another, pressing back takes me back to the first note, it would make keeping a highly connected bullet journal or zettlekasten system a bit less time consuming. Other than that I can't think of anything obvious, you and every other dev who's contributed have done a fantastic job of making a very feature rich notes program


Thanks for the info on searching tags and notebooks, I would have gone through a process of exporting notebooks and putting a header in front of them to distinguish the notebook name and importing back in. I looked around and found a page on the matter.

Although I can add "Notebook:myNotebook", i wish it acted similar to how Evernote does. In Evernote, if the cursor is on a notebook, it only searches on that notebook and its subnotebooks.

By tags searching, i would like something where I can find tags with a string of text within a tag or return the names of tags of search where I can then click on any one of the tags. I must have about 500 tags and don't know the exact spelling of them. What I want is the ability to search tags, not so much to specify the note names of using that tag.

I guess maybe a feature when in tags, that if I press the letter L, it goes directly with to the tags starting with "L" as opposed to scrolling down, pressing down arrow or page down numerous times.


Isn't this already possible by right-clicking on a notebook and then enabling "own sort order"?


The option is somewhat hidden and thus difficult to discover though. I think it would be useful to have this located in the menu bar as well…

Please correct me if I'm misunderstanding the explanation here, but isn't this what the two navigation buttons are precisely for?


I too would like to thank the developers for their work developing a solid, cross-platform app that is a viable alternative to Evernote (my former go-to app). The app has been dependable, which is my #1 criterion. Also, the WYSIWYG editor has continued to improve.

There are a number of usability tweaks I would love to see in 2024:

  • Add the Simple Backup and Hotfolder plugins to the core program.
  • Ability to permanently delete a note and its history without deleting the history for all notes.
  • Ability to permanently delete an attachment or inserted image (I’m thinking about web clipper notes that sometimes have extraneous images. It would be nice to have a way to selectively delete them and have the resource deleted as well.)
  • A menu option triggering cleanup of the resources folder (I know it does this automatically after an extended period of time, but after major changes to a bunch of notes it would be nice to be able to trigger it sooner.)
  • A recycle bin (I know this can be done using the history, but a simple folder with a restore option is much more intuitive.)
  • Having search automatically insert the current folder into the search box (notebook:current_notebook) when typing in criteria. Having to manually type the notebook name into the search window every time gets tiring. Other apps tend to default to the current context. (Doing this for a selected tag would be a bonus.) An alternative might be a dedicated search screen, where notebooks and tags could be selected, and text and date ranges entered. This would eliminate the need to remember search syntax.
  • Ability to specify/change the profile folder location.
  • Ability to place the same note in multiple folders.
  • Support for TextBundle exports, ideally with compression (either Zip or Tar)
  • I believe continuing to create a full-featured, seamless editor experience is critical. Having a note editor and a rich text editor is confusing. Instead of two editors: a note editor that toggles between view and edit using ctrl-L and a separate rich text editor, I encourage the developers to work toward merging the two, such that the rich text editor has a “reveal Markdown” button that will allow note editor functionality, with viewing happening in the rich text editor. Something similar to Typora, for example.
  • On the pie-in-the-sky list: an option to turn a given image into a MIME encoded block embedded in the text of the note rather than as a link to a separate resource file.

Nice! Thanks for the tip! Now that I spent some time fiddling with it, it does appear to do exactly what I want. Maybe the feature could be more intuitively exposed through the UI somehow. Maybe it could be documented as well (I couldn't find it in the help page: What is Joplin? | Joplin)

They don't exist on mobile

That's true, it should be nice to have them there too. In general, it's best to specify whether we're talking about the desktop or the mobile app in a specific post, as the two are very different in many aspects :slight_smile:.

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