Unresolved Synchronization Error on Android

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Joplin 2.13.12 (prod, win32)

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Agenda: 3.7.1
Bible Quote: 2.1.0
Calendar: 1.0.0-rc2
Favorites: 1.3.2
Jarvis: 0.7.0
Joplin DDDot: 0.2.0
OCR: 0.3.2
Random note: 1.0.3
ReMoods Theme: 4.6.1
To Google Search: 1.0.0
Toggle Editor Menu & Keyboard Shortcut: 1.0.1

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Markdown Editor

What issue do you have?

I started experiencing the same issue on Android that I had on the computer. On the computer, when I close and reopen the application after a while, the error message disappears. However, on Android, even after restarting the phone, the error message persists. When I click on the error details, nothing is displayed! What is going on with this?!


I think there is a bug with this banner - does it go away if you completely close the app and reopen it? Is there any error in the log? https://joplinapp.org/debugging

In the status section, after waiting for about 1-2 minutes without doing anything, a screen appeared. When I pressed the 'Retry all' button, the error disappeared. I was really afraid that I would have to reload all the notes. But it seems there is no 'bug,' just a slowness issue. Thanks!

Thanks for checking, it looks like there's a bug in the list component we're using to render this screen which means it doesn't fully render:

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Thank you, @laurent. Sometimes, as users, we can be whimsical. But we always know that you, as the application developers (the well-intentioned ones, of course), are the unsung heroes.

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