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I am unable to sync my android devices with Joplin. I am getting the error in the sync window of: “Last error: [object Object]
I have tried clearing the cache, deleting the data, and uninstalling Joplin completely. I tired deleting some of the larger size notes from the desktop app. I tried to resync after each event. But I always get the same error. Looking in the log files, the errors that I can identify are: “{“message”:”Row too big to fit into CursorWindow requiresPos=51 , totalRows=52”,”code”:0}
I Googled the error, but could not really find anything helpful in relation to Joplin. It does come up with some complicated issues with Linux scripts.
All my desktop versions and iPad version seem to successfully be able to sync with the server. It is only my 2 Android devices that are stopping the sync with the above errors. Both Android devices are on the lastest version of Android 14 and Samsungs One UI.
I don’t see anyway in the log file to identify the note causing the sync error. If anyone can shed some light on how I might identify the note or notes causing the sync error, deleting the notes causing the error might be the best short-term solution to keep all my devices successfully syncing.
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Is anyone else having this issue? I could really use some help fixing this error.

If I could get some information on possibly identify the particular note that is causing the error, maybe I could just delete it.

Is there a way in the log file to identify the note or notes causing the error?

If I can supply any other information to help resolve this error, please let me know.




Here is a screen shot of the error.

Can anyone shed any light on a fix or work around? I would be happy to just be able to somehow be able to identify the errant note or notes.

Thank you for any help

yes. Joplin 2.13.10, Android 14, Sync target: Dropbox …

Well, I never figured out what the problem was. But I can report that I upgraded my server and reinstalled Joplin on it. I exported my notes and imported them to the new installation of my Joplin server. Everything is syncing normally now.

I'm not suggesting moving your install to fix the problem. But maybe deleting your notes and then reimporting them might help with sync problems. But I don't know that for sure. I just know making a new install of Joplin Sever and reimporting my original notes resolved my Android sync error from the OP.

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Same problem. New user on OneDrive sync. Windows and iOS working fine. Andriud no, tried uninstall and reinstall several times. I won't be able to use Joplin if I can't get this fixed.

Tried Joplin Cloud but that didn’t work either.Sorry I won’t be using Joplin after all, it looks like nice software but not being able to sync with my phone is a no go.

Same issue. ”Row too big to fit into CursorWindow". Using Joplin cloud sync. Error only occurs on Android (phone and tablet). Using app version 2.23.10. No sync errors on Mac or Windows.

Sync will start and show progress (ex. Fetched items 2092/2188) before failing (Last error: [object Object]).

Have deleted all local data, uninstalled, then reinstalled the app countless times. Same error.

Have done a complete refresh (push) from desktop to Joplin Cloud in case the cloud files were corrupted. It did not make a difference - Android sync still fails.

Tried switching to OneDrive sync. Same issue.

Log files are useless in that they don't pinpoint what note(s) are causing the error(s).

Out of options/ideas. As others have said the app has no value if it can't sync reliably.

Also none of my attachments are larger than 7.9 MB

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