2024-04-29 - Problems synchronising with the Android app and the Joplin Cloud

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2.14.20 (prod, win32)

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Joplin Cloud

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2024-04-29 - Problems synchronising with the Android app and the Joplin Cloud
I use JoplinCloud with multiple users and from multiple Android apps, Windows apps and Linux apps, all of which should be up to date.

I also use Joplin notebooks, which I share with different users. I use E2EE encryption

One problem is that both the Android app on my Samsung S10e and the one on my Samsung S23 have been trying in vain for several weeks to decrypt 5 objects that probably don't even exist. The corresponding display runs in an endless loop. Slower on the S10e than on the S23, which is probably due to the different processor performance.

The second problem is that *.jpg screenshots of new notes are displayed as expected in the Windows app, but not in the Android app: In the Android app, only a placeholder icon in the form of an hourglass is displayed, which does not disappear even after synchronising several times and waiting a long time. I first noticed this with notes that I created in the Windows app. But also with some notes that I created in the Android app, the screenshots created with Android were only visible at the beginning, but were replaced by the hourglass symbol after a few synchronisation cycles. (SyncStatus)

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What does the encryption config screen says?

And what's the log like when it's apparently looping on decrypting objects? (I'm sure it's really what it's doing since I've never seen that, so maybe it's just decrypting actual objects and it needs to go through all of them)

So it has objects that need to be decrypted - if you leave your phone aside, is that number of decrypted objects increase?

See PM at https://discourse.joplinapp.org/t/joplincloud-getting-started/35103/20?u=coffee

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The numbers are getting bigger, but probably only because I'm continuing to work on other topics on my Windows app

The S23 works quite quickly in connection with the Joplin Cloud. All normal actions are usually completed in a few moments - apart from these 5 strange exceptions