Synchronization error on Android

I have Joplin running on my desktop, notebook and Android device. They all use Dropbox to synchronize.

The synchronization between both desktops works, on the Android device when pressing “synchronize” it starts the process and the number of fetched items increases steadily. Then the message I receive is:

Deleted local items: 1.
Fetched items: 793/1943.
Completed: 29/07/2019 17:28
Last error: [object Object]

Upon restart of the synchronization it stalls at exactly the same point. Under “Configuration/Sync Status” no errors are shown, conflicted and “to delete” is zero. The log file contains an error message which maybe related:

“There was some errors:”
“{“message”:“Row too big to fit into CursorWindow requiredPos=0, totalRows=1”, “code”:0}”

Does anybody have an idea how to diagnose this issue?

So after some digging I could solve the problem. Maybe someone else encounters the same issue and this helps:

In my collection of markdown notes was one note (created by the conversion from Evernote) that contained a lot of inline data. The note itself looked fine in the desktop version of Joplin but contained 2 MB of data. This caused the Android app to synchronize up to that note and then stop the synchronization process.

With the very large note removed it all runs fine again.

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