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Search in notebook names

I must be missing something simple, but search does not return results from notebook titles, only notes inside notebooks. Is it a bug?

in general, it would be nice to have “smart notebook” which will automatically pull in (virtually) notes with a certain keyword or condition. (Like smart collections in photo managers).

Greetings @SouthPoleCat

As you have seen the “standard search” searches note titles and note text. To search note titles, tag names or notebook names you can use the “Goto Anything” search.

Tools > Goto Anything… (or CRTL+G)

This search will also highlight partial matches as can be seen in the screenshot below.


There’s also a modification to the “Goto Anything…” search being developed which, if / when merged, will additionally cause it to search the body text of all the notes as well.

I am not a dev so I do not know if this is possible however it sounds like an interesting auto-tagging concept…

I find a "go to anything" that does not show notebook titles containing that string counterintuitive. I would love not to have to remember whether what I am searching for is a note or a notebook. Is there at least an option to search for anything, whether notebook title, note title or note content?