[Feature request] Unite 'goto' and 'search'

The following are just my thoughts and no criticism (I adore Joplin) and maybe I am doing something completely wrong:

Let’s consider you want to find a title named ‘coding todo’ (and you have forgotten if it is a notebooktitle or notetitle, the difference of which I also do not quite understand):

  • you will find it only if you type @todo in ‘goto’ if it is a notebooktitle
  • you will find it only if you type ‘todo’ in ‘goto’ if it is a notetitle

That feels kind of awkward (plus ‘goto’ is easily overlooked)… a common ‘search’ should be able to find both … thats what a ‘search’ is for.

If would even consider to unite ‘goto’ and ‘search’ into one function which finds all text and titles and would be self explaining and therefore better design.

Proposal (everything in ‘search’):

  • ‘todo’ get everything(text and titles) containing ‘todo’
  • ‘title:todo’ get titles containing ‘todo’
  • ‘body:todo’ get notes containing ‘todo’

Comments ?


and is it true that you can’t search for notebooktitles in the mobile app at all ?

I was totally aghast when I first found the alternate search (through the info icon on the right side of the search bar) because before I was lamenting that you couldn’t search for all those things like tags and notebook titles.

Just today I’ve had the very same issue you described where I had to guess which search to use. I like your proposal a lot because I find it clear and accessible.

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Would like to add another suggestions, not sure how easy it is to do. This is more for Goto than uniting goto and search.

I would really like if i can goto to a specific note in a folder by typing @[notebook name] / [note title]. On top of that, it would be really helpful if after I type @[notebook name]/, the list can be populated with notes from the notebook and the autocomplete will work like searching for notes.