Search behaviour is not working as expected

Hello, I have been a Joplin user for almost a year now and today I noticed an odd behaviour in search today when I was looking for a note containing my packlist, but I didn't know where it was stored:

  • I pressed CTRL+F, however I was expecting to be able to select to search either in the currently working note, or in all my notebooks. In the small field that pops up when I press the key-combo dosen't tell what the scope of the search is (ie. the note only, the whole notebooks, etc).

  • As I needed to expand my search, I typed in my search term in the note list. It does search all the notes and the text within them, however, it dosen't cover the titles of the notebooks. Since I had stored my packlists with names of my destinations in a notebook called packlist, I never got a hit when I searched for "pack" or "packlist".

Feature idea

To allow the user to actively choose the scope of the search in the CTRL+F dialoge, and that the search covers both the titles and text in the notes, and the names of notebooks and eventual tags.

Is the search in the note,

The search bar in the upper left is the search for notes which also supports search filters. This search does not match on substrings!

Than there is also a GoTo CTRL + P

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Thank you for the reply. I forgot about CTRL+P - quite handy!

Still, the GoTo serach (ctrl+P) dosen't show up notebook titles if i search for a string that is part of a notebook title. Also, in my opinion, I belive that the GoTo and search functionality should be looked over on how to provide a unified search experience for the user. But I'll let an UX/UI professional chime in - this was just my spontanious reaction when interacting with search in Joplin.