Confusing search


Maybe I overlooked something, but I think the search function is a little bit counter intuitive. On Android, why does the search not include notebook titles? And on desktop, why do I have to search in different places for content / notes and notebook titles?

Often I can’t remember if the keyword I’m searching for is a note / todo or a notebook title, so I’d like to have a unified ‘search for anything’ looking through all three.

On desktop I can live with the slight annoyance of first using F6 to ‘search for anything’, then hitting CTRL-G and having to remember putting an @ in front of the search.

Is there a search function looking everywhere?

Running Joplin 1.0.193 on Ubuntu Studio 18.04 and Android 9.

Best regards, Alf

EDIT: After posting I found this which is very similar to my question, sorry if it counts as double posting. Search in notebook names