How to search in Label and Notebook

Windows/latest desktop version.I know that in version 1.79 there was added support for searching within a Label or Notebook(folder).But I don’t know how to do that.Are there any instructions?
For example I have two Notebooks,Main and Test.How do I look up notes only in Test?

In general when a new feature is released,such as this,where do you get instructions on its usage from?Is there like a manual that I’ve been missing?

Currently the search allows “title:” and “body:”. So it would be reasonable to add “notebook:” and “tag:” as well.

Is this what you two are looking for?

thanks very much

On second thought…
I have a Notebook called Spring and I want to search notes that contain the word “keystore”.
go to anything-
@spring keystore
@spring /keystore

don’t work! what is the correct syntax?

You can only search either by notebook title or by note title, but not both.

… and the ability to use CTRL+G to search body text using / does appear to have been merged but has not been released yet.