Search bug?

  • version: 1.6.7
  • OS: windows 10

I'm an Evernote user, and trying to move to Joplin these days.
BTW, I got weird search result recently.

I wanted to find:
notes whose title include "XXX" and stored in notebook "YYY"

the query that I tried:
title:"XXX" notebook:"YYY"

however, search result includes notes whose title include "XXX" but stored in any notebooks...

is this a bug?

Just to leave a note: on Ubuntu i get good results for such combination.
Maybe its something with Windows Version.

I can't replicate the issue, on Windows and Joplin 1.6.4
Only notes from the notebook are searched.

Do you search for asian characters? If you search in the forum, there are problems with it.

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Thank you for reply.
Yes, I tried to find a note title in korean.
Is there any solution for this problem ?

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