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Repeated Alarm

Please add an option to have alarms reoccur even after the alarm has been triggered. If you had an alarm set to Nov 1st, you have it repeat ever day, second day, week, second week, month, year and so on and decide how many times it will repeat or have it repeat forever.


I’m actually not sure if this falls into the scope of Joplin (as it is primary a note-taking tool I believe?), but I would also love to see this if it fits.

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This is the only think I want in Joplin, Joplin is perfect otherwise!

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Personally, I think this should be more of an plugin/add-on feature rather than a core feature. The core feature should just be the notification itself and the ability to have an alarm.

I would love to have this feature for me as well since I typically have just been updating the alarm manually every time but I think that making this a core feature would be taking away from Joplin’s primary purpose. I agree with @AtBios that Joplin is primarily a note-taking tool and I would rather that the focus be on that first.

I been wanting this for a long time. Google Keep has this and it makes reminders in the Keep app powerful.

I do think this will make a great addition to Joplin over Evernote, Bear, Standard Notes and so on. I do not know any open source note taking apps that can do this that also has syncing capabilities.

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I think it does, Jooplin has alarms which are essentially reminders so why not expand on these alerts by allowing them to repeat?

Many note apps have reminders in them and are consider note apps.

I’ve installed Joplin yesterday and really like it. I tried the alarm and it worked fine both on Desktop as well as on Mobile. I tried to set multiple alarms but it seems that this feature is missing. What is the meaning of single alarm? I don’t know any app for calendar or todo that has an option for a single alarm/reminder.

To the developers:
Please implement this feature as it is a must-have.

I also see this as a “must have”.

Very few “reminder” apps have extensive note taking/organizing features but most comprehensive note taking apps (evernote, cherrytree, simplenote, etc.) have more comprehensive alarm/notification features than currently in Joplin. If I have an extensive project requiring a tree of multiple notes, I find it not intuitive to have to use a separate app to remind myself of a time critical issue in some project.

WunderList does a pretty good job of both note keeping and alarms and is available for all platforms but Microsoft will disappear it May 6, 2020 in favor of a new MS app that requires signing on to the full MS environment (mail, cloud, etc) in order to make full use of it. Joplin could be a viable replacement candidate to the millions who don’t like that.

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