Feature request: reminder function

I set a reminder for notes in Windows, but I missed multiple reminders because I was not at the computer.
Can the reminder notification continue to be displayed until the user clicks “Confirm”?
Can repeat reminders be added?
Thank you

I agree this is an important issue for me.

I don't know about Windows but in Linux when the Alarm is executed it is posted to system notifications and remains there until deleted. Problem is that if Joplin is not running when the time of alarm occurs, the reminder disappears into the void.

How about Joplin scanning for overdue and un-posted notifications and executing them every time it boots. Notifications could be marked with "Overdue" or some such and such overdue notifications could be a per alarm option.

Also maintain an Alarms log for all alarms both executed (in case the user misses it) and overdue. The log could have an option to trim after X days to keep it from getting too big.

The idea is to make Joplin a really effective To Do reminder system.

I know there are other very effective reminder apps out there but I hate having to put the same info in different places to do different aspects of the same thing.

NOTE: this comment was made as a result of Bug #4326 which turned out to be this problem.

Another idea: as an temp or even perm fix....

A keyword to use in the search box to list all pages with alarms set even if expired.

Or a tiny bit more complex:
<<ALARM -all>>
<<ALARM -expired>>
<<ALARM -pending>>

This way it's up to me to check for expired while Joplin is inactive alarms.

The have way exists alreard for the search.

Search all todos

Search all open todos
type:todo iscompleted:0

@naviji is it possible to implement the same search functions (todo_due:day-2, ...) for todo_due like for created or updated.

So that the following searches are possible:

Search todos for the next 7 Days

Search missed todos
type:todo iscompleted:0 todo_due:day-1000

In the Noteoverviw plugin thread there was also a question about this function.

Thanks JackGruber. type:todo is an adaquate solution for me although it would really be nice to have a option for selected alarms to repeat (weekly, daily, hourly) until dismissed.

I'm going to search and try to find what other search options there are.

I opened a GH issue a while ago, asking for "persistent alarms". it mainly focuses on the fact that alarms are missed every time Joplin isn't running (in the fore- or background), or when the computer is on sleep altogether.
Please consider adding your request to this GH issue (as a comment), this would give these two related issues more weight.

This topic has been ongoing for a year now.

I'd dearly like to hear from someone on the programming team regarding priorities and the difficulty of doing this.