Request Feature - Alarm triggers email

I suggest an enhancement to “Alarms” providing an option for alarms to:
> trigger emails
> automatically add a #TO_DO_ALARM tag when an alarm is triggered.

Then you just clear the #ALARM tag in order to “respond” to the alarm and reset periodic alarms.

The email thing is trivial in linux so it should also be pretty easy in android. I don’t know about Windows and IOS but it can’t be too hard judging by the number of apps that are ready and willing to send out emails.

Just for info:

I’m a new user to Joplin who is looking for a replacement for WunderList which disappears May 6, 2020 when Microsoft replaces it with Microsoft To-Do. Along with millions more, I don’t like Microsoft To-Do because it requires signing on to the complete MS environment in order to use all features. For example, it will require using MS’s mail system. Enhancing the “alarm” system might let Joplin be a new home for many of those millions.

I’ve been using reminder and note taking apps since about 1990, periodically moving up as old apps stagnate and new ones bring new features. I have long called the combination my “Peripheal Brain”. I currently use all the following:

CherryTree - because it is so comprehensive. I have about 5000 notes.
SimpleNote - because CherryTree has been promising an android version for years but “not yet”.
Wunderlist - because it’s available for all platforms and has the best reminder/alarm options.

I would dearly love to replace all with Joplin which is already replacing SimpleNote and is well on it’s way to replacing CherryTree.


I like this suggestion too. I’m looking at transitioning from Evernote with its “reminder” feature that triggers an email, causing it to be brought directly to my attention and prompting action before getting rid of the email. It would be an excellent addition to Joplin IMO.

There was a thread recently cataloguing good candidates for plugins (once Joplin get’s a plugin system), I’ll add this there since it would be great for the system to support this kind of trigger.

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