Repeating To-Dos

Joplin 2.12.19 (prod, win32)
Repeating To-Dos: 0.10.3

Today I installed the plugin "Repating To-Dos".
I create a test To-Do note, set the alarm, and click on the recurring icon in the upper right where I set the 15 minutes recurring.
I got only the first reminder. Any idea what could be wrong?

Today I tried this plugin on Linux (Joplin 2.12.18). I create a To-Do note, and set an alarm - this works.
But clicking on Repeating To-Do Icons doesn't. Is this plugin discontinued?

Unfortunately yes afaik.

Bad luck for me.
Any idea how can I get a recurring notification for notes in Joplin? This is really a usable feature.

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As a workaround I put an icon at the beginning of the TODO description that indicates "this is recurring"(there are a number of emojis that could with a little imagination symbolize a repetition), and then I change the date manually.

(And yes, sometimes I forget and just click on the checkbox and need to fetch it again :roll_eyes: )

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Maybe something in combination with other Tasks applications (Google Tasks or similar)? Google Task can make a notification with a "link" to note.

I'm not sure I understand your reference to Google tasks, but I try to avoid Google anyway, as well as using further applications for a simple chore.
The notification is not the problem for me (at least on Android it isn't; and on the desktop I use the Agenda plugin); Joplin signals that the todo is due at the date & time set for the alarm.

What I miss is the automatic rescheduling of the todo ...

English isn't my native language and maybe I can't explain.
I have many notes in Joplin. Depending on location I use it in Windows, Linux, and Android. There I document steps for different tasks. For To-Do Notes, we can set a (once time) reminder. The first problem is, that this reminder won't show if Joplin isn't started. The second problem is that almost all notes are for recurring tasks. And this isn't supported in Joplin.
I'm now looking for a solution that will support reminders on all OS and that will support recurring reminders. Because I will stay with Joplin, I'm looking for a solution from 3rd party program.
I'm just brainstorming until some good soul prepares a plugin for Joplin.

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