Alarms & reminders suggestion

Hello. I recently posted on reddit r/linux fr a note taking app which works on android n linux. I was recommended standard notes, simplenote, turtl, joplin, etc. After trying them all ive found joplin to be the most feature packed. I have a suggestion about the reminder/alarm. I formerly used colornote which had this awesome feature where u can specify the type of alarm ( u can set normal reminder alarm, use a pin to status bar option where the reminder would become a notification in yr status bar fr the whole day, and another option where u get reminders the whole day.). I really hope joplin adopts these features. You can try color note if my suggestions r not clear. Thank you fr an awesome app. I wouldnt mind an occasional ad if it meant tht the creators get some monetization

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Did you have a look at those requests ?
I think that a lot of them could fit your needs.
If so, just "thumb up" on one/several of them :slight_smile:

I dont have a github acct. And i dont know how to use it

I support the idea of different alarm types.

  • one time reminder
  • an event (from some time to some time)
  • a whole day

And while I'm here, repeating alarms would be nice. That would make Joplin a very powerful agenda notebook