Overview about Reminders


I use the reminder option quite often so I take some stuff in a note and let me remind when deadline is close.

Notifications work fine, however, I would like to see my upcoming and past notes with a reminder set at a glance.

What do you think?



I agree, but one other key thing is missing: you need to be able to have a reminder keep repeating daily, until you complete a to do.


something like that has been requested on issue 282 and on issue 322

You can also add that details to the issue 282 to group requests

Just wanted to add to this. I think we are talking about the same issue.

Repeating alarms for to-do’s, like, setting an alarm to go off, we can do that, but it canot be set to repeat hourly, daily, monthly etc. Is this in the works or can it be done some other way?


Repeated reminders will be great. Google Keep does this and it is handy indeed.

Also to add the ability to add reminders to regular notes, not just todos will be awesome!

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Yes please!

Also, when you click on a reminder in android, it should open the note in the app.


Would love this addition. Google Keep does this and no other note app out there does, would be nice if Joplin did added repeating reminders!

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I agree, I would like that too!

This feature is still nowhere to be found and the github issues are locked. But still, this is one of the missing features from Joplin. Without this option is more of a fancy rmdb with GUI.

+1 needed


+1 for this feature

I don't think that will be part of the main app, however it can be done as a plugin.

You can try the Note overview plugin.

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