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How do you think, would it be useful, if a reminder would be extended with some calendar integration? It could be simple ICS file for beginning. Event could contain some uri which could be handled with joplin.

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:
Can you give us more details ? How do you imagine such a calendar integration ?
On my side i’m afraid that it overfills the simple scope of the project itself, this is why I ask :wink:

The simplest poc solution could be implementation of following scenario for magistral case:

  • User created task
  • User pressed add reminder on editor
  • User picked stamp
  • User saw option iCal button
  • User pressed iCal button
  • bullet option save as or open with
  • User picked save as option
    • System file saving dialog opened
    • User picked file path
    • iCal event with joplin style mardown link in body was created at picked location
  • User picked open with option
    • iCal event with joplin style mardown link in body was created in temporary directory
    • System open with api used to open created iCal event (xdg-open for linux for example)

Other option which should be implemented to achive this - joplin should be able to search and/or open it’s own markdown uri.

As long term goal - iCal button could be transformed to calendar button, with support of other event formats, like caldav, timewarrior and others. ICS format was choosen as most wide spread and supported by tons of other software. Also it’s quite simple plain text format.

For example it could be following uri:


joplin URI scheme could be useful for the following cases:

  • Handle links from other sources like calendar
  • Work together on synchronized KB and exchange links on topics

So there are two achievable milestones:

  • uri scheme and it’s handling
  • exporting simple caldav file with joplin uri as event body
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I totally agree and I have mentioned this in either a gh issue or on the forum. This would require to register a URI for the app and also requires deep linking. But I believe this functionality is rather limited for react-native and electron apps.
I really would like to have a joplin:// URI. This would allow us to do all sorts of cool stuff.

The Telegram one as well the VSCode are able to handle such URI’s so I believe it’s possible for electron applications :slight_smile:

Recently I read up on deep linking for react native, seems fairly straight forward as well.

This is great news. I’m fairly confident that PRs will be accepted in that area. Nevertheless the specifics should still be discussed here first.