Plugin: Note Tabs

Right click a note in the list > "Pin note to tabs"

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Oh, thank you, I did not recognize that! :flushed:

I like to add, that it's great to have tabs!
Although using them in Joplin is still not 100% intuitve to me. I have to "pin" or "unpin" tabs with extra clicks while all I'm used to do in every browser I know is open or close a tab. Just my 2cents, even if not the most brilliant ones :grinning:

BTW: I like to propose to change the wording at the right click menu from: "Pin note to tabs" into "Open in tab" or "Open in new tab".

I agree that the ux isn't exactly like a browser (although that's what I usually expect as well). I think part of this may come from life before the tab plugin. You would open one note and the previous one would close. So this plugin actually seems to default to that behaviour, hence the pinning.

There is a setting so that every note automatically gets pinned. Play around with these and see if you can get it to work how you expect:


I fell like a little idiot, because I didn't even think about looking into the settings for this plugin. Thanks again! I'll now have to play around with it.

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Not all plugins have settings, but this one has lots. You might want to take a look and see if other plugins you are using have settings :grin:

The last plugin I tested was CodeMirror Line Numbers. It has no settings I can influence. So I didn't look for settings here as well. Unfortunatly the line numbers plugin does not work properly on my system. But the tabs do!!

You're totally right... sorry. I will add this in the next version. Its a simple one.

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So I've modified the settings to pin tabs if edited which is fantastic, however I too am having a bit of a UX issue when closing tabs that are pinned. Not that it's too significant, but it goes against the trend of tabs ala chrome. Is there a way to force edited notes to become temporary tabs so that they can be closed with a single click like chrome, pycharm, vscode, etc.?

In fact, it seems to only be an issue when trying to close the tab before I've edited it.
After editing, it becomes temporary which is fantastic.

hey @benji300 , Thanks for the plugin!, I am just loving it.
I have a suggestion can you add a shortcut to browse through the tabs like we have it in VS Code as Ctrl + Tab not necessarily exact but similar but even without it is great.

So if you look under tools > tabs > switch to last active tab there is a menu item. There should be a way to make a shortcut key to this, but I'm not sure how.

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Ohh, I didn't see that. I think then it will be simpler to add shortcut for this as this is a menu item. We will just need to add an accelerator for the shortcut then.

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I came here to suggest the exact same thing : a Ctrl + Tab shortcut to switch to next tab (like in firefox, adobe, VS code, etc.) would be great.

Ctrl + W to close current tab would be awesome as well.

In any case : thank you @benji300 for this great pluggin. I can't imagine Joplin without it.

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As described in the README there are three commands to switch between the tabs (Switch to last active Tab, Switch to left Tab, Switch to right Tab) which you can assign any keyboard shortcut you want. If they are not shown in the keyboard shortcuts editor, you can set them directly in keymap-desktop.json.

To "close" a tab you can assign Ctrl+W to the tabsUnpinNote command. Which at least "closes" the pinned tabs.

My personal keymap-desktop.json looks like this. You can copy and paste the snippet into yours and adapt the "accelarator" to your needs.

    "command": "tabsSwitchLastActive",
    "accelerator": "Ctrl+Alt+L"
    "command": "tabsSwitchLeft",
    "accelerator": "Ctrl+Shift+Tab"
    "command": "tabsSwitchRight",
    "accelerator": "Ctrl+Tab"
    "command": "tabsUnpinNote",
    "accelerator": "Ctrl+Shift+W"

Thanks for the suggestions. I did not see the some in keyboard shortcuts editor but I will add those with json. Thanks again for the plugin!

Thanks for the reminder. Is there a reason you don't just expose these by default? Seems like a core part of using tabs is the ability to navigate by keyboard. Having to add them manually to a .json file seems super geeky to me.

As always, thanks for the plugin!


I can confirm that. As a non-tech user I tried to do so, but I didn't succeed yet
Thank you for your help anyway. I will try again later !

Edit : it works now ! I have no idea what I have done, but it works. Thanks again.

On the one hand, json settings files are really great. On the other hand, they can be edited incorrectly breaking things easily. It's kind of strange that they have become so common even though they are do delicate.


I don't want to define default shortcuts to avoid conflicts with App defaults or other plugins.

Normally it should be easy to define them via the keyboard shortcuts editor. I don't know why the App still does not show all commands of a plugin. It might still be an issue, either in the App or my plugin(s).

Setting them directly in the JSON file is just a workaround and not intended.


Is there any way to hide the back/forward button icons below the note title? Those buttons are already provided by this plugin so it's redundant. Is adding this to userchrome.css supposed to do that or is that referring to something else? I tried adding this to userchrome.css and didn't notice a difference.


Also it possible to make the arrows grayed out if that direction isn't possible like is done for the default back/forward buttons?

hello, has the ability to close tabs (make them disappear completely) been implemented yet?