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Plugin to enable line numbers

Created a plugin to enable line numbers in Joplin for code mirror editor.

It's a very simple plugin that just sets the code mirror option to enable line numbers as true.

Download jpl file to install from: https://github.com/shantanugoel/joplin-plugin-cm-linenumbers/releases/tag/1.0.0

Code location: https://github.com/shantanugoel/joplin-plugin-cm-linenumbers/tree/main/src


Awesome, I just installed (first plugin!!!) and it works like a charm!!!

Since I use the vim keybindings, do you think something like relative line numbers would also be possible?

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Great, it works well! I wonder if it would be possible (or desirable) to have a single plugin that toggles various codemirror settings - e.g. I would also find the code-folding option interesting!

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Thank you for the plug-in, it is very easy to use, a little suggestion:

Can the line number of the cursor line be highlighted? Thank you

It's possible I think but I'm knee deep in work these days. Will try to take a look at it in some time.