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As someone who made the switch from Evernote, I understand. Joplin's plugins are a little light on documentation, but we have a pretty good forum here, so if you have questions, just ask.

That said, Evernote also has features that 90% of its users aren't aware of. Just the nature of the beast - as features are added, complexity rises and there will always be users who don't need or don't go looking for the more advanced features. Like this forum, Evernote's forum is also a good place to get help - difference is you get a lot more interaction with the developers here. So not only can you be sure they are hearing your praise or complaints (which has always been in doubt at EN forum), but the message doesn't get filtered by a middleman (does Ian Small actually read what's happening on EN forum? I doubt it). By contrast, lead dev for Joplin is an active participant here.

Closing the loop on the dying tabs: my Joplin app has now been running for 5 days straight and the Note Tabs are still alive and well. This bug is fixed as far as I'm concerned. Thanks again @benji300 !


Sounds great. Thank you so much for testing it @philippelr :+1:

I thought about it too. Basically Joplin could be used same way as web browsers with tabs.
I would allow for pinned tabs also but not having to pin them would be better use flow.

Not sure how much of rewriting the plugin's code there would have to be, though. What do you think @benji300 ?

I'm already working on two features (i.e. user options) with which the expected behavior shall be achievable:

Then it should be possible to omit the "temporary" state of the tabs completely.
But can't say yet when I'll be able to finish the next release.


Love the plugin!
I have a feature request. It would be nice to be able to copy the markdown link to a note from a context menu of the tabs. I often want to cross link between open notes and that would be really handy. There is already the Copy Markdown link to active note which I also use but for that I need to actually open the note, then klick into the body and grab the link. Copying "from the tab" means I don't have to leave the active note.


Thank you for your feedback.
But unfortunately I decided not to add a context menu to the plugin. Although I also would like to have one. It would not be supported very well. I've made some analysis here.

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thanks for your quick reply. While unfortunate, I can totally understand. Maybe some point in the future... ^^

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Hello, i im newbeen here and don't now how to install the plugin ._.
You can help me? Or make quick tuto in how to install, i dont now programing ;-;

Real quick, I can tell you to go to Tools>Options>Plugins Then type Note Tabs into the search box. When you see the card with the plugin, click Install. That's it! Restart Joplin and you are good to go.



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I've just published a new version of the plugin: v1.3.0


  • User option Force tabs layout to force horizontal or vertical layout mode (#2)
  • User option Unpin active tab behavior to select behavior when unpinning the active tab (#25)
  • User option Add tab behavior to specify type (temporary or pinned) for new tabs (#35)
  • Ability to scroll tabs and breadcrums horizontally without holding shift key (#34)


  • Ensure visibility of active tab, i.e. selected note (#32)
  • Plugin command labels (Removed Tabs: prefix)
  • Breadcrumbs and navigation icon styles


  • User option (Minimum breadcrumb width) to specify minimum width of a single breadcrumb

Great, Thanks!! So far it all seems to work. Love keeping focus, scroll wheel w/o shift, and unpinning removes tab. I'd say it's now perfect!

I just upgraded and when I restarted my favorites were gone. I know that's a different plugin, but since I know it was restarting after upgrading this one I though I would let you know.

Do you mean your saved favorites were deleted or the entire panel was no longer visible? I really can't imagine how an update of this plugin could cause this behavior. I would say we wait and see if others have the same problem.

I updated to Note Tabs 1.3.0 and that hasn't had any adverse effect on Favorites panel or the contents therein.

Joplin 1.7.10 (prod, win32)

Saved favorites were deleted. It has happened before, but this was the first time that I could notice what happened right before it. I will try to pay closer attention and if it happens again I will post in the Favorites thread. Thanks!!

So I don't know if it is my particular settings, but when I select Automatically pin notes when edited then every time I open a folder or do a search, whatever is at the top of the note list opens in the viewer and gets pinned. This is unworkable. I end up with dozens of unwanted tabs pinned.

Was the intention really that it only got pinned when the note got edited? I do really like the idea of notes staying open in tabs when I actually open them. But I don't want the first note of every notebook I open to automatically get pinned. Same with the first search result of every search.

Am I doing something wrong?

EDIT: Yes! I was!

I'll leave this here in case anyone makes the same mistake I did. It was a different setting that was causing my problem. The Automatically pin notes when edited setting works just fine. But I had also selected pinned under Add tab behavior. Given the way Joplin works I'm not sure how that behaviour would be useful, but I guess for some it might.

Thanks for this plugin. I really think it should be part of core. I can't imagine using Joplin without it.

:tada: Excellent! Thank you, I think (:crossed_fingers: )my tab experience is complete.

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This plugin is awesome!

@benji300 If you are still enthusiastic adding new features, here is one idea:

Add an entry "Open in new tab" to the context menu (right click) for internal note links. This would pin the current note, so you don't lose context and open the link in a new tab.

This also would fit very well with the "Backlinks" plugin.

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Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

That's a good idea. I have made a note of it.
However, there will be a small limitation. The menu item "Open in new tab" would always be visible when the context menu is opened. So even if you don't right click on an internal link. Currently, the entries in the context menu can only be statically defined and are so always displayed.