Plugin: Journal

This is why I actually use a really simple bash script to capture things to my scratch notebook, it just uses the joplin terminal commands. I'll then format it and clear it out later. I have the script bound to a shortcut so it opens anywhere.

joplin use @scratch
read -p 'Title: ' title
read -p 'Text: ' text
joplin mknote "$title"
joplin set "$title" body "$text"

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Yes i have something like this with Espanso for now (linux + windows)

Is it possible to have two journal with this plugin? For example, I have "personal journal" and "work journal".

This is what I want too. But I have to say sorry to you, it has a lot of work to do to implement this feature. I'm not available in near feature.

Maybe someday I'll rewrite this plugin to make it feature rich.



Thank you for the replied and thank you for the plugin. I will keep an eye out for the day of the rewrite of this plugin.

I have been trying your plugin and I think it is perfect as it is.

If you end up making a feature rich version, please can we retain the current version for us simple souls to continue using?

Many thanks for your efforts.

Hi @cornsplicer, I'm glade that you like this plugin.

And, the current features are also what I am using everyday, and will be kept in newer version.

By the way, each version would be available here Releases ยท leenzhu/joplin-plugin-journal ยท GitHub, if someday you feel the newer versions are too bloated, you could still download the old versions, and install them.

Many thanks for the reply. I'll rest easy now.

The option/cmd/D keyboard shortcut in Journal used to open a Journal note for today, isn't working any longer...

Option/cmd/D is now part of Apple multitasking shortcuts and opens the Dock when Hiding is turned on. Perhaps option/cmd/T (for Today) could be a replacement?

Alternatively, I can use the menu or option/cmd/O, click the date and click OK.

Yes I encountered this problem the other day. My suggestion is to go into Joplin/Preferences/Keyboard shortcuts/Journal today and change the keystroke combination. In my case I just added "Shift" to the string and it now works fine.

I just opened an issue to have the ability to use time elements (hour, 24hour, min, sec) in the default note name. I like having multiple journal notes/day with the date AND time in the note name. The default note naming already partially supports this ability. I put more tech details in the issue.

Thanks for a great plugin!

@DeanH Thanks for pointing out this issue. I was planning to support time at the beginning, buf after fixing timezone(UTC/Local) problem, I forgot to implent it. I'll try to complete it latter.

Hi @DeanH, now you can use {{hour}}, {{hour12}} with {{ampm}}, {{min}} and {{sec}} in the default note name.

Please have a try about the latest version:

Since selection of seconds in calendar dialog is not support, when you choose datetime from the dialog, the {{sec}} is always '0'ใ€‚

The plugin isn't working at all WHEN the weekdayNames contain non-latin characters, emojis, etc. The menu actions do nothing at all.

Looking at index.ts' weekdayName var, especially lines 64-68 and line 135 it seems there should be no harm to unicode characters.

How can I troubleshoot this issue?


Hi @RenatoXSR,

In weekName config section, the character ,' (comma) is used as a seperator, just like a CSV file uses ,'(comma) for fileds seperator.

while each weekday name could be emojis, eg: :rage:,Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat


I haven't tried all cases of non-latin characters, but I think the weekName could be any character other than ASCII comma.