Plugin: ๐Ÿ“… Joplin Calendar Plugin

:date: Joplin Calendar Plugin

A simple calendar plugin. You can view your created and modified notes too!


Github: GitHub - rsandz/joplin-calendar: A calendar plugin for joplin
NPM: joplin-plugin-calendar - npm

:star: Features

  • The plugin includes a calendar and a notes list.

:calendar: Calendar

  • Clicking on a calendar date shows the notes created or updated on that date.
  • Clicking on the '<' and '>' buttons above the calendar moves between months.
  • Clicking on the '<' and '>' buttons above the calendar while holding ctrl moves between years.
  • Calendar dates have dots beneath them indicating the number of notes written on that day.
    • Each dot represents 2 notes created, up to a maximum of 4 dots.

:spiral_notepad: Notes List

  • The notes list shows notes created and updated on the specified date.
    • Showing updated notes can be disabled in the settings.
  • Navigate to the notes by clicking on the titles in the notes list.
  • Clicking on the '<' and '>' buttons above the notes list moves days.
  • Clicking on the '<' and '>' buttons above the notes list while holding ctrl moves between days with notes.
  • Clicking the today button brings back the calendar focus to the current day.
  • Notes can be sorted by time of creation, or alphabetically. The sort direction can also be changed.

More Info can be found on the GitHub Page.

Feedback and suggestions are welcome!


Wow! That's great. It's really well done and clear you put a lot of thought into it.


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Looks fantastic! Just one small comment - the name of the installed plugin is "Joplin Calendar", however if you search for it in the plugin repository, it's just "Calendar" there. I think it would be useful to use the same naming convention everywhere.


Great work, thanks!


thx for the great work.


When a date is selected in the calendar, could the plugin also display notes with titles including that date?

A note about a different date than it was created or modified on would show up where expected.

For example: notes about past or future dates, or daily notes created before and modified after the date they reference.


Thank you for the suggestion!

Definitely something I can look into (Override Notes with Date in Title to Show on Respective Day ยท Issue #11 ยท rsandz/joplin-calendar ยท GitHub).

As a workaround for now to move notes between dates, the "๐Ÿ›ˆ" button can be used to manually modify the created and updated dates.

Installed it a few days ago, a really useful plugin !!
Did not encounter any problems, bugs, or similar.
Thanks !

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Thanks for the plugin. I like being able to see a calendar as I work in Joplin. One very tiny request: is there a way to get rid of the comma after the three-letter month code. I'd rather see "Jan 2024" than "Jan, 2024". I know it has no effect on functionality, but the comma just looks odd to me.

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On that note, date format selection or inheriting the selected date format in Joplin would be a welcome feature.

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