FR: Journal Note


Journal note or similar concepts exists in other apps. A journal note is nothing but a note titled with the current date that lies inside a special notebook that is split by months.

It could work like this

  • There is a special journal note, like todo, and note

  • User creates a new journal note

  • New note titled with the current date is created

  • It is put under (referencing today) Journal -> 2020 - > January -> 27

This is nothing but a special macro type behavior which creates necessary folder structure based on the current date.

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This should be pretty easily doable (on desktop only, sadly, for the time being) using the Note Templates section in the main guide

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If that is that easy it would be nice to have this as afeature in my view.

Can the template create all the necessary folders as well not just naming the note?

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I’m honestly not sure. I haven’t messed with Templates directly yet, but if someone hasn’t done what your requesting (I’d search just in case), this community seems pretty open to users creating their own workarounds and extra tools to make using Joplin so much more enjoyable.