The greatest drawback of Joplin today

If I really needed this quick note/todo add using Joplin on my mobile device, I think I'd create a special notebook titled so that it floats at the top of the list (e.g., prefix the name with "1-"). Then, just create a note with a list, numbered or not, with the note/todo separated by list entry. Later on, once it's synced to my desktop/laptop, I would cut/paste all that into the various spots they need to go into.

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As for me, I wish plugins were at least partially supported on mobile. There's a plugin for setting variables that is useless to me if I can't install it for mobile.

No. 3's the point IMO: "the greatest drawback of Joplin [mobile] today" is ... the inability to perform background syncing, a thing which every other app I know of can do.


I'd say that Joplin mobile has become much prettier - with the new editor that came with the latest update and with the last update but one that brought us full support for the dynamic text size feature of iOS.

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All true HarSel and very entertaining, but not in any way related to the problems mentioned. There are note and check-list taking apps for Andoid which work fast and flawlessly, even on some old And7 or And8 device. So what is your point ?
The speed I am talking about is not processor and memory speed. It is by design which requires many clicks and other UI actions to get to the point where your input starts.

I think that what I call "design problem" comes with choices made in the past while developing the mobile versions of Joplin. That does NOT mean that a better, more streamlined design of the mobile apps is incompatible with the overall Joplin design. The shortcuts which roman mentioned lead the way, and with a few more adaptations data entry could be much faster. This has nothing to do with how fast the app can do a sync or other tasks.

It would be great to add an option/shortcut to open a dedicated note or notebook (e.g. some "Inbox") instead of only the last. The long press option is cool and I know, we can change the location of the note later but the UI is tedious.

Nowadays, I mainly dump all information I want to store into a daily journal (using the awesome journal plugin). So I would like today (i.e. today's date) to always be the first note shown. Of course, since the title changes everyday it might not be trivial but maybe, hopefully some day we get Mobile Plugins that can help with that!?

When I think about it again, ... would it be a solution to develop a very small, light, independent app for Android and iOS, which could run as a service in the background, and which does nothing but take either a simple text note or a note with a checklist... no frills, no formatting, no editing wonders, no markdown, no pics, no attachments ... just text. It is streamlined to be fast, ready any time. And it stores it's notes in a format and location such that they can be easily imported into Joplin any time, one by one or all at once. Such could solve many of the problems described, and the mobile Joplin apps would not have to change (much), may be not at all.

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To be honest, for me the main problem is still just the speed of the app launch… At the moment, it loads quite slowly and then also needs to perform the initial sync to even become responsive. If I'm outside, in a hurry, and need to either jot or check something very quickly, in the current state relying on the app is just a no-go.

This may not be such a huge issue on high-end devices with a lot of RAM, where the app can stay open in the background, but on mid-range Android phones, the app just gets killed after some time of not using it, and then every other launch has to be from scratch, taking a lot of time in the process.

I do still use it of course :slight_smile: as I don't think there is any other free and open source solution with a similar set of features.


On iOS as well, alas, and by the OS's design if I'm not mistaken. So let's hope for proper background sync for some time in the future...

The above text is misleading to the newcomer.
I don't know what you mean by it, but Joplin definitely syncs in the background when I open it, both on Debian and on Android (/e/OS).
I only try to not open it simultaneously on two machines (I use it on four, all sync'd) to avoid creating different duplicated notes (in which case anyway no data is deleted any side)

What background sync means in this context is syncing when the app is not running. For instance maybe you're on a tube or somewhere else where there's no network, you can still add a note and you don't need to remember to open the app later to sync the note.

For me there are 4 issues:

  1. Speed. When I need a really quick note, I click the record app on my phone and talk. I play them when I get to the office and enter todos as I like. Typing on a mobile device just isn't particularly fast and remember to sync it!
  2. Tasks: I've quit trying to use joplin for tasks. I have a full blown PIM (Essential Pim), which integrates tasks and calendar and syncing and contacts. This really works well for tasks that can also appear in my calendar. I use that when I have a full minute to enter a task, or 2 minutes to enter a task with 3-5 parts I explain in the notes.
  3. Taking notes or grabbing websites in reading or meetings. Joplin is the best.
  4. Taking notes on reading which can include copying text from ebooks or articles or writing significant amounts making the notes close to articles or blog entries. Joplin is great.

I think it is just finding the write tool for the job.

Have you tried Drafts? It works super well at coming up fast and allowing you to send your drafted note off to some other app (like Joplin). It might work for you.

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IF my Joplin on Android would only start in 3-4 secs (see slow start), than your "drafts" app would be the greatest solution ever.

But really thanks, drafts is great ... I mean this is unmatched speed of light. Without your hint, I would probably have never found this thang :wink:

For me that would be syncing as a whole. I've tried to report that syncing to a WebDav cloud storage (StackIp) does not work properly on iOS (however it does work on the desktop version of Joplin). I don't seem to get any answer on those reports for 8 months already.

WebDAV seems to be causing issues frequently: I remember lots of problems concerning pCloud discussed on this forum. Probably has something to do with the service's implementation of it (can't really say anything about this).

Strange enough that it should work on desktop and not work on mobile for you. I take it that you reported the issue on GitHub because that's the proper place for something like this, not our user forum. To be fair to the devs: I don't remember them claiming that Joplin would work with each and every kind of WebDAV server.

Yes, but only for bad implementations like pCloud!
The following WebDAV hosts are not supported

I sync 38000 items (notes, tags, folders, ...) without any issue on five devices (Windows, Android and iOS) to my own hosted web dav service.


Yup, I made that report last autumn on github. Github keeps on trying to close it unless another user chimes in that they have the same problem. Should not be a too difficult fix as it works in the dektop apllication like I said. Ticket:

Was reported half a year before that as wel but was automatically closed after a while:

Don't get me wrong, I do understand that these things will not always be fixed, but no reaction at all is a bit worrysome.

Not sure what makes you think it's easy. The networking part is completely different between desktop and mobile (and even between iOS/Android) so the fact that it works on desktop has little relevance here.
Plus, it is my understanding that for developing for iOS you need a Mac which further limits the number of potential contributors.

Also, reminded me of this XKCD (there's one for every situation!)