Simple calendar integration?

Hey guys,

i love joplin and would even love it more, if there would be a simple calender to attach notes to dates. Is there a chance of getting this feature realized?

I don’t know what exactly could be the best way, but I use Joplin also as a diary and would love to attach the notes to certain days. so maybe a date picker tag would be an idea and then also an month overview to select a certain date for seeing all notes attached to this date?
(maybe as seen at

that would be awesome!


If you mean to add (for example the title of the) note inside a calendar when note is created, then the API can be used for that.
You get the created date of each note and add it to the calendar app of your choice.

hmm, I think you misundersstood me.

I would like to use joplin as a diary, so getting an overview of the notes in calendar style inside joplin would be awesome. and therefore of course the notes have to easily be marked with a certain date. in the moment there is only the modification date. (but for a diary of course the date should stay the same and it should be easy to write a note with a user-defined date)


Not sure what you mean exactly, but what about creating a notebook called “Diary” and simply create a note per day, with the title YYYY-MM-DD (for example)?. Your notes would then be shown in chronological order…

yeah thats the workaround i’m using now, I just thought it would be awesome to navigate through the notes by clicking on dates in calender format and getting rid of the effort to name each note in that kind of complicated manner and having to change the sorting criteria from newest to alphabetical…

And it would be even more convenient to make a calendar in which the days for which there are notes are highlighted in bold. For example, as it is done in RedNotebook.


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I love to see this in Joplin


Sad no one wants to do this •́ ‿ ,•̀

Is it possible to expand on exactly how to do that. I presume a plugin would have to be created?