Insert (Create) Today's Node (Note)

There's a feature in an application called CherryTree where if you press F8 the program creates a day's note (ex: 08 Sat) inside a parent notebook for month (ex: May) inside a parent notebook for year (ex: 2021). If the note is already created pressing F8 makes the program go to that note.
This feature is really useful when writing a journal and searching information by dates.
And i would love to see an implementation for that feature, also i'm not sure if the plugin API for Joplin is capable of doing that, if you know please tell me

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Yes the Plugin API can handel this.

  • Create folder
  • Create notes
  • Bind commands to shortcuts
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Hi @97997

I would also be interested in such a feature. I have a journal folder in which I have the notes of each day in the format 2021-05-09
It would be ideal also to have the possibility to go back to the note of the day with a keyboard shortcut.
If you had the desire and ability to make such a plugin it would be very interesting.

Great idea!

Maybe consider making the structure configurable. For example, I like having a weekly note inside a year folder. Others again might have different schemes.

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