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Plugin: JiraIssue

This is my first plugin. It shall allow you retrieve from Atlassian Jira the status of your Issues.
I hope it can be useful to you as well.

Please open issues in github if you find some bugs :wink:


@laurent what is the procedure to add my plugin to the main repository (GitHub - joplin/plugins: Joplin official plugin repository. For issues, please use https://github.com/laurent22/joplin/issues Pull requests will be automatically closed.)?

It's all in the generator doc: joplin-plugin-jira-issue/GENERATOR_DOC.md at main ยท marc0l92/joplin-plugin-jira-issue ยท GitHub

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Just tried this and it works nicely. Any chance to include this in the wysiwyg editor? Maybe even with a dialogue to enter the jira issue url?

Thanks for the feedback.

I don't really know how to detect when you are typing in the wysiwyg editor or how to create objects in it.
Do you know where I can find the documentation/examples on how to build object in wysiwyg or detect that you typing in it?

@KolyaKorruptis Do you know any other Joplin plugin that are doing something similar that I can use as reference?

@marc0l92 No idea about docu, you have to ask @laurent or @tessus about that.
The plugin Create note from highlighted text somewhat works in the wysiig editor. It successfully creates code in it anyway. It has a bug though that escapes the markdown code it generates.

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The plugin "Create node from highlighted text" is doing the same thing on both Markdown and Wysiwyg editor, therefore it is not helping me.

I would like to use HTML tags in the Markdown editor and Dialog box in the Wysiwyg. But I need to understand how to detect in which mode are you working on.

Marc, as for now WYSIWYG editor is incompatible with plugins.
Some might "accidentally" work but it's not by the design.

Btw cool idea for a plugin :slight_smile:

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Hi! do you think periodic auto-refresh could be posible? Something like Note overview

Hi @aranajuan,
could you open an issue on the github repository?

This will help me track the features requests.

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